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Guinea: Three H1N1 cases detected

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  • Pathfinder
    Re: Guinea: Three H1N1 cases detected

    French to English translation
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    Conakry: H1N1 flu detected in Guinea
    April 13, 2010 08:29
    Updated Tuesday, April 13, 2010 08:40
    Written by Mody Sory


    This deadly flu that raged across the world has just made its appearance in Guinea, particularly in the town of Ratoma, one of five municipalities in the Guinean capital Conakry,

    Indeed, three cases have now been reported in this locality.

    The Government and its partners are mobilizing to prevent the spread of this disease in the country.

    About Ace Dr Ibrahima Sory Sow, Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, said that the three isolated cases have been treated at the National Hospital Donka-Conakry, and would be in good health.

    Speaking of investigations, the Minister of Health ". The extensive investigations around these cases are running ...".

    Speaking of arrangements, Dr. Ibrahima Sory Sow "Faced with this situation, my Department adopts the following measures to ensure control of this disease:

    • Strengthening epidemiological surveillance at health facilities by the reporting of any suspected case of influenza and pneumonia.

    • Reinforce safety measures at ports, airports and border crossings by the identification and management of suspected cases.

    • Encourage efforts with partners to strengthen the capacity of rapid laboratory confirmation of cases in the laboratory virological Donka ....

    The Minister of Health has asked the public to remain calm and to guide any suspected case of influenza to the nearest health facility.

    He thanked all the partners supporting the Government's efforts in this struggle and encouraged them to strengthen their technical and financial support.

    Dr Sow finally ended his message an overview on the development of this disease, Dr I sory SOW: "Since April 2009, the world is the occurrence of a new disease called endemic AH1N1qui flu has already affected more than 200pays worldwide .

    More 17000 décès which 167 were recorded in the African region.

    In West Africa, nine (9) 17 countries are currently affected by this pandemic.

    Since the advent of this disease, Guinea has undertaken with its partners including, among other actions:

    • Development Plan Multisectoral fight against the pandemic, with a communication plan and awareness of people

    • The establishment of a stock of 12,360 doses of flu drugs against H1N1 influenza.

    • The strengthening of the surveillance system in health facilities and ports of entry ports of Conakry and Kamsar Airport G'bessia-Conakry and border crossings.

    • Commitment to a process of acquisition of vaccine against influenza H1N1 from WHO.

    • The implementation of these measures has enabled our country to register the first cases of H1N1 flu is endemic, confirmed at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, with the support of WHO .. .

    Original text:

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  • alert
    Re: Guinea: Three human H1N1 cases detected

    Hat-tip Pathfinder. The video at this link confirms that this is H1N1. I had seen that video, but I don't speak good enough French to realize what it contained. The Francophone thread has already been renamed.

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  • Giuseppe
    Re: Guinea: Three human H5N1 cases detected?

    From April 9, 2010 WHO pandemic flu weekly update (

    In Sub-Saharan Africa, limited data suggests that active circulation of pandemic influenza virus continues across parts of West and west-central Africa, and to a lesser extent in limited areas of East Africa.

    During early to mid-March 2009, 23% of respiratory sample tested positive for influenza in both Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana (the majority of virus isolates were pandemic H1N1).

    In Senegal, pandemic influenza transmission remains active but may be declining as the rate of sentinel specimens testing positive for pandemic influenza fell from a peak of 67% during early February 2009 to 17% during the most recent reporting week.

    In Cameroon, 38% (13/34) of respiratory samples tested positive for influenza during the past two weeks, of which 71% were pandemic and 29% were seasonal influenza type B viruses.

    Localized areas of active pandemic influenza transmission persist in areas of Eastern Africa, particularly Rwanda and Tanzania.

    Pandemic influenza virus continues to be the predominant influenza virus circulating in West and East Africa, however, small numbers of seasonal influenza H3N2 viruses have also been identified.


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  • alert
    Re: Guinea: Three human H5N1 (or H1N1) cases detected?

    This was VERY tough to find. The flu that has hit the headlines in the West is Pandemic H1N1. I think this is H1N1, not H5N1.

    Disease: Influenza A appeared in Guinea ...
    Samedi, 10 Avril 2010 22:07 Saturday, April 10, 2010 22:07
    La grippe A qui a défrayé la chronique en occident a fait son apparition en guinée, a annoncé le ministre de la santé et de l'hygiène publique, le Dr Ibrahima Sow. The flu has hit the headlines in the West has appeared in Guinea, said Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, Dr. Ibrahima Sow.
    L'annonce a été faite ce soir par le ministre Sow qui ajoute que trois (3) cas ont été notifié dans la commune de Ratoma, sans toute fois pas plus de précision. The announcement was made this evening by the Minister Sow, who added that three (3) cases were notified in the town of Ratoma, without any time not more accurately.
    Alors, chers guinéens, attention … So, dear Guinean attention ...
    Naby Camara Naby Camara

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  • alert
    started a topic Guinea: Three H1N1 cases detected

    Guinea: Three H1N1 cases detected

    This article calls this H5N1 bird flu. I wonder if they mean Pandemic H1N1. There is no mention of contact with birds. This is very odd...

    Guinea: three cases of H5N1 avian influenza detected
    &#201;crit par O.Elie Camara Written by Elie O. Camara
    12-04-2010 12-04-2010
    Trois cas de grippe aviaire de type H5N1, ont &#233;t&#233; d&#233;tect&#233;s chez trois personnes &#224; Conakry dans la commune de Ratoma, a annonc&#233;, samedi, le ministre de la Sant&#233; et de l'Hygi&#232;ne publique, Ibrahima Sow. Three cases of avian influenza H5N1 have been detected in three people in the town of Conakry Ratoma, announced Saturday, the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, Ibrahima Sow.

    &#171; Trois cas isol&#233;s de grippe aviaire ont &#233;t&#233; d&#233;tect&#233;s dans la commune de Ratoma ici &#224; Conakry. "Three isolated cases of avian flu have been detected in the town of Ratoma here in Conakry. Les trois personnes sont enti&#232;rement prises en charge par l'&#233;tat, &#224; l'h&#244;pital de Donka, et sont en bonne sant&#233; &#187;, a affirm&#233; le ministre, ajoutant que le gouvernement a pris toutes les dispositions n&#233;cessaires pour &#233;viter la propagation de la maladie. The three persons are fully supported by the state at Donka hospital, and are in good health, "the minister said, adding that the government has taken all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

    Selon le chef du d&#233;partement de la sant&#233;, des investigations approfondies sont en cours autour de ces cas de grippe "A". According to the head of the department of health, thorough investigations are under way around the case of influenza "A".

    &#171; Face &#224; cette situation, mon D&#233;partement apporte des mesures suivantes : renforcer la surveillance &#233;pid&#233;miologique au niveau des formations sanitaires, la notification de tous cas suspects de grippe et de pneumonie, renforcer les mesures au niveau du port, de l'a&#233;roport et des postes transfrontaliers par l'identification et la prise en charge de tous cas suspects, engager les d&#233;marches aupr&#232;s des partenaires pour nous aider &#224; circonscrire la maladie', dira le ministre de la Sant&#233;. "Faced with this situation, my Department provides the following measures: strengthening epidemiological surveillance at health facility level, notification of all suspected cases of influenza and pneumonia, strengthening measures at the port, airport and posts border through the identification and management of all suspected cases, to undertake the action with partners to help us control the disease ', said the Minister of Health. J'invite les populations au calme et &#224; transf&#233;rer dans les centres de sant&#233; tous les cas suspects &#187;, a conclu M.Sow. I invite people to calm and move to the health centers all suspected cases, "concluded Mr. Sow.