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What Has Hit Ghana Is H1N1 And Not Swine Flu

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  • What Has Hit Ghana Is H1N1 And Not Swine Flu

    The Director General of the Ghana Health Service Dr. Elias Sory says Ghana has not been hit by the deadly Swine Flu virus as has been reported in sections of the media.

    The deadly pandemic which hit Mexico last year has claimed the lives of many around the world.

    A young lady in Accra was confirmed as the first Ghanaian to have contracted the dreaded disease in August 2009.

    Within the last two weeks there have been reports of massive outbreak of the disease in some of Ghana’s Senior High Schools, notably Achimota and Mfatsipim Schools.

    Speaking to Citi Breakfast Show host Bernard Avle on Tuesday, April 6, Dr. Elias Sory dismissed reports that Ghana has been hit by the dreaded Swine Flu.

    According to him, what has hit Ghana is H1N1 and not swine flu.

    He explained that although the N1H1 and the Swine flu both fall under category A of influenza viruses that humans could contact, N1H1 is passed from humans to humans while Swine flu is passed from animals to humans.

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    Re: What Has Hit Ghana Is H1N1 And Not Swine Flu

    That's just semantics. I think he wants to call it H1N1 instead of "Swine Flu" because he is correct is saying that people aren't getting this from pigs (anymore). If it helps make people in that country understand what is going on better, I guess that makes sense. Either that, or he himself is just very confused.

    He could always call it "Human Swine Flu" like Hong Kong does.