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DRC - Kinshasa: Health Minister denies flu epidemic

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  • DRC - Kinshasa: Health Minister denies flu epidemic

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    Kinshasa: Health Minister denies a flu epidemic

    published there 5 hours, 57 minutes | Last Update February 18, 2015 at 11:44 |

    There is no flu epidemic in Kinshasa. The Minister of Health, Felix Kabange Numbi, stated Tuesday 17 February, while many cases of this disease are recorded following high temperatures. According to the minister, the DRC is one of the few countries in Africa which is a weekly influenza surveillance.

    Felix Kabange Numbi however announces measures to be taken by patients with this infection:

    "The first is to rest. Secondly, after we took rest, avoid cold drinks and instead take repeated hot drinks. And when you have a fever, just take a drug against fever, "he assured.
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