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Maniema, DRC: Children dying of unknown disease

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    Re: Maniema, DRC: Children dying of unknown disease

    There are large measles and cholera outbreaks going on in this area:

    and a similiar outbreak in Equateur Province that was not diagnosed, but is suspected as either typhoid or cholera:

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    started a topic Maniema, DRC: Children dying of unknown disease

    Maniema, DRC: Children dying of unknown disease

    French to English translation

    Friday, July 22, 2011
    Health status: an epidemic raging in Maniema unidentified, Hassani shadar sounding the alarm

    Alternatively the information in its possession, the population of Maniema is exposed to an unidentified epidemic disease. This epidemic is driven to cause mortality to the head of the youth of Maniema.

    It is characterized by fever, resulting in a high temperature and very significant reduction of blood each day because of the subsequent deaths of 10 to 15 children in the villages.

    According to our source, there were 7 deaths in the interval of 2 weeks in the village of Murungu Wamaza sector in the territory of Kabare and this is uniform throughout the province. Until now, patients do not receive appropriate care due to lack of medicines in different health centers. The source suggests that the only cure for this disease is the blood with consequent transmission of other diseases due to lack of appropriate equipment.

    Following this, shadar Hassani, founder of Hapro, sounding an alarm to the appropriate authorities to take substantial measures to bar the way to the torpedoed.