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Rabies cases in Luanda are many-A/H1N1 Steady

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  • Rabies cases in Luanda are many-A/H1N1 Steady

    Rabies cases in Luanda are many-A/H1N1 Steady
    Edivaldo Christopher - Today

    The government established health centers in all municipalities of Luanda

    Photo: Manuel Kindala
    The Deputy Director General of Veterinary Services, Bernadeth Santana, said Wednesday that Luanda has the highest number of cases of dogs with the epidemic of rabies, while the influenza A/H1N1 keeps the 37 reported cases with no deaths.Bernadeth Santana, who was speaking after the ministerial meeting of Ministry of Health, said that the epidemiological situation of influenza A remains the same. "In this case, will only be reinforced surveillance measures, with recommendation for greater control of persons entering the country."
    The head of veterinary services stressed that the vaccination campaign against rabies epidemic began on February 19 in various provinces. So far, he said, have been vaccinated about 26,000 dogs. A massive campaign in Luanda beginning to take place next week. "Luanda has the highest number of cases of the epidemic of rabies. The situation in this territory is the most worrisome, given its complexity, and also the largest number of unregistered dogs. Therefore, there was a need to do a better preparation for this campaign, "he said. The director has said that regardless of the annual campaigns of vaccination against rabies, the government has fixed health posts in several cities for the proper treatment of these cases.

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    Re: Rabies cases in Luanda are many-A/H1N1 Steady

    /16/10 11:04 PM

    H1N1 flu epidemiological situation remains unchanged

    Luanda - The director of the National Institute of Public Health, Filomena Gomes da Silva, said Tuesday in Luanda that the H1N1 flu epidemiological situation in the country remains as it was last week, with 37 cases out of 469 tested.
    “No cases of H1N1 flu has been recorded this year in Angola
    , alike in the previous period. So we must take this opportunity to keep surveillance on this disease in the country”, she said at the end of a meeting of the interministerial Commission on the pandemic.
    Filomena da Silva said of the 322 cases tested under the sanitary control at the airport , no suspect case was recorded.
    The passengers checked-up come mainly from South Africa and China.
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