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Central African Republic - Bouar: Rumor of a flu epidemic creates psychosis

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  • Central African Republic - Bouar: Rumor of a flu epidemic creates psychosis

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    Bouar: a flu epidemic rumor creates psychosis

    Tuesday, August 9, 2016 1:08 p.m.

    At least four people died recently in the town of Niem-Y?l?wa, health prefecture of Nana Mamb?r? after contracting the flu.

    People fear a flu epidemic in the locality. Alerted, a team from the Pasteur Institute and the World Health Organization (WHO) was immediately deployed in the area as part of an epidemiological surveillance.

    The chief doctor of the district hospital of Bouar, Dr. Yves Aristide Kpangba Mangb? explained to be informed of the situation. "Last week, we were informed by the national information system on health that a few deaths of people who contracted the flu in the town of Niem-Y?l?wa," he specified.

    He also showed that medical arrangements have been made to determine if there is an epidemic. "We sent an epidemiological surveillance team. After investigation, the team has reported to us that indeed there have been four deaths that could be related to influenza. But the people died at home. "

    According to Dr. Yves Aristide Kpangba Mangb?, chief doctor of the district hospital of Bouar, flu raging in Niem-Y?l?wa can heal in health facilities. It is the same as that found in other parts of the country.

    "... Those who have the flu and who came to the health center are treated, healed and returned home," he reassured, notifying that "at this stage we can not talk about a epidemic "and that" this is a usual flu experienced anywhere else. "

    As a precaution, the Institut Pasteur team and WHO on site at Niem-Y?l?wa will take samples from people with influenza through epidemiological surveillance.
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