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South Sudan Disease Surveillance Bulletin Week 39

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  • South Sudan Disease Surveillance Bulletin Week 39

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    Republic of South Sudan
    Week 39 2 ? 28 September 2014

    General Overview
    Completeness for weekly reporting increased from 6% to 7%, while timelines decreased from 43% to
    32% in week 39 when compared to week 38.

    Malaria is on the increase with the highest incidence (cases per 10,00) being reported in Man-Awan
    (2,746), Man-Anguei (2,351) and Renk (252.8). The total number of malaria cases reported from Man-Awan
    in week 39 was 106, while 150 cases were reported in Man-Anguie. The total population of Man-Awan and
    Man-Angueis 386 and 636 respectively hence the high incidence rates per 10,00 are due to small total
    populations against he backdrop of a high number of affected people.

    The highest AWD incidence (cases per 10,00) was reported in Man-Awan (1,528), Man-Anguei (297) and
    Bentiu (80.3). The total number of cases reported was 59 in Man-Awan and 19 in Man-Anguei.

    One measles case was reported in week 39 from Awerial.

    During week 39, Kapoeta North and Juba Counties registered new cholera cases.

    The total number of Hepatis E Virus (HEV) cases in Mingkaman remained 108, as no new cases were
    reported in wek 39. Deaths remained at four, with a case fatality rate (CFR) of 3.7%.

    Kala-azar is on the increase with 4,582 cases (4,288 new cases and 294 secondary cases) and 141 deaths
    reported from endemic areas in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states since the beginning of the year. Case
    detection and treatment are ongoing.

    Man-Awan, Warap State reported nine cases of Acute Blody Diarhoea (ABD) in week 39.

    The under-five and crude mortality rates per 10,00 per day remained below emergency thresholds in all
    the camps.
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