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ProMED: Undiagnosed fatalities, Senegal, poisoning suspected

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    Re: ProMED: Undiagnosed fatalities, Senegal, poisoning suspected

    The comments on this article suspect that an animal poison or venom may have contaminated the dish.

    Seven members of one family were killed last Tuesday in Medina Diokoul, a village in the region Kaffrine, by eating mafé sauce, cream based local peanut. Four other guests were admitted to hospital emergency regional El Hadji Ibrahima Niass of Kaolack. According to initial reports by police, 11 family members gathered around Thiongane bowl "mafé" at lunchtime. An hour later, they began to feel ill. Wilane Yama, the mother, one who prepared the meal, was the first to feel ill. Followed the father Sheikh Thiongane, his three daughters, two seasonal workers and four other family members. The father Thiongane Sheikh, his wife, three children and two seasonal workers have given up the ghost there.
    Gendarmerie Kaffrine opened an investigation to determine the causes of this tragedy. Samples were performed to examine the fatal meal.


    There is also apparently an ongoing problem with a suspected toxic fruit in Senegal resulting in unexplained fatalities:

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    started a topic ProMED: Undiagnosed fatalities, Senegal, poisoning suspected

    ProMED: Undiagnosed fatalities, Senegal, poisoning suspected,86459

    French to English translation
    Issue Archive 20110102.216621
    Date posted 02-Jan-2011
    Subject PRO / FRA> Unknown disease, fatal - Senegal (Kaffrine), ICR

    Subject: Unknown disease, fatal - Senegal (Kaffrine), ICR

    ************************************************** *****
    A ProMED-mail communication
    ProMED-mail is a program
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: Thurs, December 30, 2010
    Source: All Africa [edited]

    Intoxication or poisoning?: A family
    decimated in the department of Kaffrine
    -------------------------------------------------- -----------
    7 persons from the same family found
    death last Tuesday [December 28, 2010] to
    Médinatoul-Diockoul in the rural community of
    Diockoul Mbelbouck in the Department of
    Kaffrine. Consumption of the family meal
    would rise to the sad drama, without being
    know if it's a case of poisoning or food poisoning.

    In the village of Médinatoul-Diockoul is the emotion
    and dismay. Consumption of a dish
    "Mafé" (white rice seasoned with peanut sauce,
    Editor's note) has decimated a family. Suffice to say the
    lunch for all the misfortunes. In any case,
    Could we say the "mafé" served Tuesday
    last [December 28, 2010] to 15 hours in
    village in the rural community of
    Diockoul-Mbelbouck, Kaffrine department.
    Yet nothing in the guests boded a tragic ending.

    As usual, the lady has Mbato Ndaw
    prepared meals served to the family and some
    hosts. An hour later, cases of vomiting
    and diarrhea were noted among some of
    guests. The first evacuation was conducted to
    the health post-Diockoul Mbelbouck.
    Unfortunately during the journey, among the four
    victims make the soul. Three more will be
    health center in the regional capital,
    Kaffrine. 4 survivors were transferred to the unit
    intensive care regional hospital, Elhadji Ibrahima Niass of Kaolack.

    Since announcing the sad news,
    comments are going well. When some
    suggest a simple food poisoning,
    others do not fail to speak
    poisoning. To get to the c? Ur net,
    police opened an investigation.
    It is reported that the "challenged" the lady Mbato
    Ndaw is among the survivors when 3 of
    his children among the victims.

    [By El Hadji Fall Thiendella]

    Provided by:

    [Additional information is
    needed to clarify this situation
    drama experienced by residents
    Médinatoul-Diockoul. Poisoning
    food are common during the holidays
    customary marriages as in some
    parts of Africa, but the number of deaths in
    this situation is very high. ProMED will
    interested in receiving information
    Complementary to this topic to better understand the problem.