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Madagascar: 28 children sickened by unknown disease

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  • Madagascar: 28 children sickened by unknown disease

    Hat-tip Pathfinder. The symptomatic description here is nearly nonsense, so it is impossible to tell what is going on.

    Strange disease Andohan'i Mandroseza: Renée Rajaonarivelo to the rescue of victims
    Thursday, January 19, 2012 8:07
    They are, according to information gathered on the spot, aged one to 12 years. Like all the other victims - they are a total of just under thirty, says the head of fokontany - these also have the same symptoms of this strange disease that has suddenly hit the district Andohan'i Mandroseza in the second district of the capital. "Colic at frequent intervals, coarse at the knees, feeling dizzy when standing up the victim," the chief said yesterday that fokontany, Rafidison Jose. And continuing thereafter: "Following the descent on site this morning (Editor's note yesterday) of a new medical team, seven of the 28 victims whose four children were taken back to hospital for treatment more intense. While the rest of the victim is still obliged to continue treatment at home. " Hear, in unenviable conditions.
    This, no doubt, led another team to go there to see for themselves, but also yesterday late in the afternoon. For inclusion in the account Rajaonarivelo Renee, wife of the current Malagasy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the humanitarian action took the form of a donation of various drug products but also a budget. If drugs are supposed to fill any gaps in this area during the treatment of the disease, the envelope will it to other needs that will arise and will be felt during this treatment period, said the spokesman of that team. Note that for now, the exact causes of this disease are still unknown. Only the results of medical testing has just been made for this purpose will learn more about this strange disease, says the head of fokontany.