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Benin: Five family members die mysteriously - food poisoning or mass murder?

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  • Benin: Five family members die mysteriously - food poisoning or mass murder?

    Hat-tip Pathfinder.

    French to English translation

    July 4, 2011
    Drama Missérété: Four mysterious deaths at Jean-Christophe Houngbo

    Jean-Jaurès Houngbo Jules (under 2 years), Felicity (34) and Joan of Arc Kodja (14) sisters. Respectively, son, wife and pregnant sister-Jean-Christophe Houngbo, head Ouémé regional office of Le Plateau-Morning, they were found dead in their concession in the afternoon of Friday, June 29, 2011, to Danto Sohomé, common-Akpro Missérété. As for our fellow emergency evacuated to the hospital, he is currently struggling to stay alive.

    Ah! Life. It is not worth much. It is sometimes appalling. It can turn a nothing into a nightmare. It is a story shocked and terrifying. Right now, it is abominable. We are all terrified. Imagine. A relative, friend, relative or colleague who after several years decided to join to rent his own home where, after only two nights shackled, he spent the third, accompanied by his family. He was unaware that she had an appointment with destiny. He was unaware that the first night will be the last for his family. She just turned tragic. 48 hours after she was found in the new concession area located at Sohomé Danto, common-Akpro Missérété, shut in on itself and completely decimated by a collective death hitherto inexplicable. 48 hours during which Jean-Christophe Houngbo known for his daring and endurance has had to struggle against death, as it has been found alive but almost wiped out and powerless next to his family. He was immediately evacuated to hospital by firefighters. Only survivor of a tragedy in which he lost his sister, his children and his wife carrying a fetus, it is placed under intensive care since Friday day of the gruesome discovery. Everyone is hopeful that it will be recovered by a medical team composed of professionals who are working at the bedside. Besides the hope is an unprecedented tragedy. What happened? Meanwhile elucidate this drama, three hypotheses are discussed. Poisoning, food poisoning or intoxication by inhalation. The police arrived on the scene, found in the kitchen prepared rice and tomato sauce. According to one close to Jean-Christophe Houngbo is what menu they would have taken on the evening of Wednesday, June 27, 2011, probably the day the disaster was invited into the home. It was also the time when his family spent the first night with him. Another element is that the portal had to break down, then the access door to the concession before taking them out, all in one room, the child bent over her mother beside father in bed and the beautiful sister on a mat. According to several statements made by relatives of the couple, a series of events preceding this tragedy. While waiting to return precisely to understand the circumstances of the tragedy, the prosecutor at the Court of First Instance of Porto-Novo demanded an autopsy of the remains based in the morgue of the Hospital of the county Ouémé Plateau.

    Sansprécédent a drama?

    Earlier this painful history, it was believed just a malfunction of the telephone line from Jean-Christophe Houngbo suddenly become inaccessible. Imagine. First, from 01 hours in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, you're out of his new 30 minutes while there, you just talk to him on the phone for professional reasons. During the conversation he was in a hurry to hang up, saying that it is within the scope of fatigue after a trip to Ouidah where it was to cover the closed doors of members of the Union is the nation. Then it became unavailable in the same night when he was useful to include it again for more information about his account of the meeting of Ouidah. Useless to insist that he sometimes knows when to cut his phone. The next day, all attempts to reach him had produced nothing. Its leaders as well as his colleagues in Parliament have begun to worry. The many visits to his home does not show a human presence. Powered by a generator that was no longer operational as of Thursday, his new home bathed in the dark. The buzzer did not work either. Meanwhile, his family probably died and he himself reduced to a shadow could do nothing to prevent the worst from happening. Home alone, they will remain huddled in their rooms until Friday when the concern ended up winning almost everyone. For two consecutive days, Jean-Christophe Houngbo was unreachable. The alert is really gone away. In their minds, it is missing as well as his family. Security forces have just informed the new unmarked. On the side of his family, colleagues, friends and family, each going its ways and means to find the alleged missing. Meanwhile, relatives of his wife's family had the inspiration to break down the gate a little before noon. This has been done. But they could not go further before turning. Such smash the door of the concession, once inside the house. They did not lack experience. In the afternoon, another group showed up at home and having found that the gate is open, is close to the building. A swarm of flies that had invaded one of the windows catches his attention. He holds his breath. The only door accessing the living room was smashed, and then inserted into a room, he comes across a human presence. It is first Jean-Christophe, who was spotted using a flashlight. Sir! He started a youth group. As soon as he opened his eyes. Right next to his wife and child, and her beautiful sister lying on a mat on the floor. Amazement. This story is one that terrifies us.

    Who wants to Jean-Christophe?

    Someone he would seek revenge for Jean-Christophe Houngbo? In fact, many thought that the misfortune that has hit could come from those who believe they have suffered an injury on his part for his articles judged by them as attacks against them. The man was repeatedly threatened directly or indirectly by individuals at the highest level of the country. Dignitaries and social authorities have threatened openly or not to settle scores with him. For these reasons only once, it was announced unreachable and found by his relatives, the questions raised revolved around a removal man. This is not the case and the fact to find him almost lifeless on locked himself in his room next to his family dead, should not prevent him from seeing the side of those who have often mentioned a vengeance.

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    Re: Benin: Four family members die mysteriously, one in hospital - possible poisoning

    French to English translation


    CNHU H.K.M. Cotonou
    We must save Jean Christophe Houngbo (The evacuation of the journalist required)

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

    Joel YANCLO
    Life is priceless, just as health as well. Even with one foot in the beyond, the health professionals have the secrets to prevent the heart to stop beating and revive their patient. Doctors and other specialists who are at the bedside of Jean Christophe Houngbo have the duty, the blessing of high pedestrian, do everything to save our colleague Jean Christophe Houngbo, journalist, chief regional office Ouémé / Board of the daily "The Morning".

    Admitted to the National Center koutoukou Hubert Maga Hospital in Cotonou, the journalist Houngbo currently struggling for life. A life that must continue to live in because we still need the pen of Jean Christophe in the pages of "The Morning" his diary of heart.

    As possible, we must save Jean Christophe Houngbo. A mysterious tragedy struck the famous journalist late last week. All his family died, his wife eight months pregnant, her son just two years and his beautiful sister.

    He himself was found unconscious. Currently he is in a coma at the hospital of reference of Benin and all prayers must converge to God to come to the aid of our brother and big brother Jean Christophe Houngbo and that inspires the attending physician at the bedside work towards recovery. Medical evacuation must be considered also. Because there is no question that the death of our colleague is right for lack of proper care.


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      Re: Benin: Five family members die mysteriously - food poisoning or mass murder?

      The origins of the drama still unknown

      After the death of journalist Jean Christophe Houngbo, several voices especially media professionals from Benin. For this, the show''Showdown''in Ocean Fm received yesterday, a trio of media professionals. These Wilfried Houngbédji Leander, Nicaise Azomahoun Lezinmè and Vincent. After describing the circumstances in which the tragedy occurred, guests criticized the police procedure. "The police in charge of the case did not stop busy. We have no concrete evidence to be used as investigative leads," indignant Azomahoun Nicaise. Given the complexity and the mysterious character of the drama, the guests tried to speculate that, after many tests have failed. Wilfried Houngbédji Leander, journalist with the daily "The Nation" referred to the thesis of food poisoning. This claim is unfounded because the neighborhood would be affected as much as the family decimated. Consumed products would be purchased in a store public. The mass murder could also be an assumption. Knowing Jean Christophe Houngbo as a journalist who is the rigor in his work, it is possible that he had problems with those on whom he wrote. "Jean Christophe Houngbo also has legal disputes because people denounced in his writings," revealed Dangou Cyprien, a listener of the show. The last assumption is that the family would have been a colleague of gas poisoning. These conjectures listed above may be true, but invited guests and journalists awaiting court proceedings for a reliable and credible information on this tragedy.