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Covid-19: In Mauritius, a cured patient tested again positive

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  • Covid-19: In Mauritius, a cured patient tested again positive


    Covid-19: In Mauritius, a cured patient tested again positive
    07 May 2020
    By Al Khizr Ramdin Contact:

    A patient recovered from Covid-19 in Mauritius and who was able to return home was tested positive again for the new coronavirus earlier this week. He is a foreign national living in Eb?ne.

    The man left the isolation center on April 22. However, a week later, he started to suffer from headaches. And on Monday, May 4, he went to the Wellkin Private Hospital in Moka. However, the 46-year-old patient would not have told the doctor that he had been treated with Covid-19 last month.

    The results of tests on this man were positive the day after his admission to Wellkin. He is currently in the isolation room.

    This foreign national returned to Mauritius at the beginning of March. He had been able to move into his home in Eb?ne because he had no symptoms of Covid-19. But, a few days later, he fell ill. He then went to Victoria Hospital and there he tested positive for Covid-19. The patient was taken into care by the Ministry of Health and placed in an isolation center while receiving treatment.

    On April 22, he was declared cured. This is how he was able to leave the isolation center. But, barely a week later, he began to experience excruciating headaches.

    Not feeling well, he decides to go to Wellkin on Monday morning May 4. To the doctor of the outpatient department who examined him, the patient did not reveal that he had recently contracted Covid-19. The doctor on duty nevertheless decided to admit him to a private room. It was only overnight that he revealed to the doctor that he had recently tested positive for the new coronavirus.

    A "rapid antigen test" and a "PCR test" are then performed on the patient. The results are positive. The man was immediately transferred to the isolation room at Wellkin Hospital. A “contact tracing” operation was quickly implemented at the private hospital. As of Wednesday, May 6, two medics have been placed in segregation in Wellkin while a doctor who has examined the foreign patient is in segregation at his home.

    All of our attempts to have an explanation from the Ministry of Health on this case have been unsuccessful. No mention was made of this in the latest press release issued by the ministry yesterday on the situation of the Covid-19 in Mauritius.

    According to the WHO, "cases of Covid-19 patients declared cured and then tested positive again are in fact linked to the presence of cells that persisted in the lungs after recovery". Several weeks ago, dozens of cases of South Korean patients healed, then tested again, had raised many questions and concerns.