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Mauritius - COVID-19: 374 cases; 10 deaths

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    No more active cases of Covid-19 in Mauritius
    Posted On: 05/14/2020 Posted By: ? 2016 Agence Afrique

    Mauritius has not registered any new cases of Covid-19 for 17 days and no longer has patients with the virus, its government reported on Wednesday.

    "Today is 17 days without a new case. Mauritius now has zero active cases, "said Minister of Health Kailesh Jagutpal in a televised speech.

    Satisfied, he added that his country had won "the battle thanks to the cooperation of the people, who understood that the government had to take extreme measures, including complete containment, as well as the closing of supermarkets and borders".

    However, the official warned that the war is "not yet won". "Let us remain vigilant," he urged. Some 220 passengers are still in quarantine.

    On the island, 332 cases were recorded in total including 322 cures and 10 deaths. A total of 76,956 tests were carried out across this Indian Ocean archipelago of approximately 1.3 million people.

    Regarding the measures still in progress, the confinement imposed on March 20, with a curfew, was extended until June 1. However, some activities should resume gradually from May 15.

    The supermarkets which had been closed for 10 days had already resumed their activities. The population has been divided into three parts in alphabetical order and each group is allowed to run races two days a week.


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      No new cases:


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        No case of Covid-19 in Mauritius for 20 days:


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          Mauritius: two new cases of Covid after almost a month without contamination
          By Africanews
          Last Update: 9 hours ago

          Mauritius has registered two new cases of Covid-19, the first since April 26 involving two people recently returned from India who were quarantined on their return, local health officials said on Sunday evening.

          These people were among a group of 149 Mauritians repatriated from New Delhi and Mumbai on May 9, who had been placed in quarantine upon their arrival on the island.

          The two new carriers of the virus, from the same family, are "in the same quarantine center" and are "asymptomatic," said Dr Zouberr Joomaye, spokesman for the national communication committee on Covid, told AFP. -19, after announcing it on television.

          The two were tested negative when they left India, but a new test after their quarantine "turned out to be positive," he said.

          These two new cases “justify all the precautionary measures taken by the government. Can you imagine if these two people had been allowed to go home without going through quarantine here? ”He added.

          The number of cases recorded in Mauritius since last March now stands at 334. A total of ten deaths have been recorded and 322 people have recovered.

          This Indian Ocean archipelago was initially the most affected country in East Africa, with 332 cases reported just six weeks after the start of the epidemic.

          The Mauritian government imposed one of the strictest confinements in Africa on March 20, going as far as ordering the closure of supermarkets for 10 days.

          Mandatory wearing of mask and distancing

          These have since reopened, but the population has been divided into three groups in alphabetical order, each being allowed to run two days a week.

          The state of health emergency was maintained until June 1. But since May 15, the island began the first phase of its deconfinement with the gradual resumption of certain activities, added to essential sectors such as banks and supermarkets.

          If religious, political and union gatherings are still prohibited, bakeries, butchers, fishmongers or even hair salons are open.

          Markets, bars and shopping centers remain closed until June 1, while schools will not reopen until August 1.

          Wearing a mask and social distancing measures are now compulsory, any offender being ordered to pay a fine.


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            335 cases; 10 deaths:


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              Two new imported Covid-19 cases detected in Mauritius:


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                340 cases; 10 deaths:


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                  342 cases; 10 deaths:


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                    343 cases; 10 deaths:


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                      344 cases:


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                        346 cases; 10 deaths:


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                          Mauritius registers new imported case of coronavirus
                          25 August 2020

                          Port Louis, Mauritius, August 25 (Infosplusgabon) - The Mauritian health services recorded on Monday, a new case of COVID-19, a young man aged 21 who returned last Sunday from Paris, we learned from official sources .

                          According to the same sources, the man tested negative the day before he left the French capital. He is asymptomatic and his health is stable and was transferred to a regional hospital for treatment.

                          According to an official from the Department of Health and Welfare in Port Louis, the island currently has two active cases.

                          971 passengers returning to Mauritius are currently in quarantine.

                          Mauritius has registered 374 positive cases of COVID-19 so far, including 10 deaths.