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Mauritania - Covid-19: 7,222 cases; 161 deaths

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  • Mauritania - Covid-19: 7,222 cases; 161 deaths



    Coronavirus: the first case is confirmed in Mauritania
    The case is about an "expat" who arrived on Monday from Europe. Although West Africa had been spared the disease, it now appears to be progressing slowly
    Updated on 03/13/2020 at 20:56

    Nouakchott, Mauritania, Mar 13 2020 (AFP). Mauritania announced this Friday its first case of coronavirus in a foreigner that arrived from Europe, so the country will reduce air links with France.

    According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, he is an "expat" who arrived on Monday and who had quarantined himself after associating in Europe with a friend who tested positive for the coronavirus and presented a fever.

    Likewise, the Health Minister, Nedhirou Ould Hame, affirmed that the country will prohibit charter flights from France.

    West Africa had been spared the disease, but appears to be progressing slowly. Guinea registered its first case on Friday, while in Senegal, a neighboring country to Mauritania, the cases doubled, to 19, 11 more than the day before.
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    2 cases


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      Translation Google

      Added on: 30.03.2020 11:06

      Mauritania, Covid-19: 5 confirmed cases including 2 cured

      ALAKHBAR (Nouakchott) - Mauritania has registered until Monday March 30 five (5) confirmed cases of Covid-19 including 2 cured and 0 deaths, according to the balance sheet of the Ministry of Health which reports 946 people including two families , confined.

      The capital Nouakchott is confined as well as the city of Ka?di in the south of the country where a case was declared imported from neighboring Senegal.

      The authorities have announced the closure of shops throughout the national territory, except food stores and retail businesses. Currency exchange and money transfer offices were excluded from the list of businesses and activities targeted by the closure decision.

      The ban on trafficking and movement of people between the Wilayas has effectively come into force, with the exception of medical travel, the transport of goods and the missions of essential public services from March 29, 2020 at 12 H.
      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
      -Nelson Mandela


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        Translation Google

        First death due to covid19 in Mauritania: return this day of March 30

        By AMADOU SY - March 31, 2020

        Amazing, Mauritania has just recorded its first death due to covid19. The information was made public through a dispatch from the official agency around 8 p.m. It will be confirmed by Dr Ndiaye Amadou, head of the coronavirus isolation site in Mauritania on the set of the 9:30 pm television news from the national channel. The number of cases rises to 6 cases including 2 cured, 1 death and three under treatment.

        The 48-year-old victim had been confined since March 16, the date of his arrival on an Air France flight. The canvas is bubbling in Mauritania. According to the Minister of Health, Dr Nedhirou Mohamed Hamed, the lady is Franco-Mauritanian and it was only yesterday that she had discomfort. It got worse this morning and she died in the ambulance before arriving at the hospital. The Death due to covid19 occurred at 12 noon.

        After 14 days

        Later in the evening on the day of 9:30 p.m., Dr Ndiaye explains the covid19 test on this case is post mortem. The announcement of this death due to covid19 and its circumstances continue to flow again and saliva. Dr. Ndiaye maintains that "14 days is the incubation period on which the scientists agreed". So at the end of this period, if the person does not show signs, he is simply released and can go about his business without undergoing a test.

        "Corona is a virus that is sneaky and has not finished revealing its secrets," says Dr. Ndiaye.

        It is precisely this point that divides on social networks. Everyone has their own comment. According to Dr. Ndiaye Head of isolation covid19 website in Mauritania, "this case appeared after the 14 th day. He's vicious. " And to the doctor to continue “incubations of up to thirty days have been described. Research is underway and we will learn more when the epidemic is at its peak. ”

        Finally, Dr. Ndiaye believes that "corona is a virus that is sneaky and has not finished revealing its secrets. Even without symptoms, you can contaminate, hence the isolation that is recommended. ”


        The first consequence of this death due to covid19 is the extension of the duration of confinement. So we go from 14 to 21 days.

        The second consequence is the beginning of psychosis on the canvas. The communication from the Ministry of Health in recent days is questioned. Already, the daily press release which usually falls at 6 p.m. has not arrived on time. Then the SiteRep (Situation Report) made by the Ministry of Health with the help of the WHO arrives at 8:50 pm in the mails box by mentioning no new cases, even less a death.

        Damocles sword

        An hour before, a circular from the Ministry of Health was published . Health workers are threatened with sanctions if they disclose information. “It has been given to me to note that health executives disseminate information which is detrimental to the national effort to control the covid pandemic19. Any deviation "will be firmly penalized according to the regulations in force" specifies the Minister of Health, through this circular.


        It should be noted that an internet user had announced the death of a lady who had been in confinement for 14 days (the one whose death will be confirmed in the evening). It was 12.51 p.m. He had this information from the medical profession.

        A few days before, the circumstances of the identification of case number five (5) had put Dr Diawara in the spotlight. The latter had contradicted the Minister of Health, through a Facebook post and leaked whatsapp audio. Observers believe the ministry's circular is a reaction to these two events. In any case, the medical profession is invited to observe a reservation, on pain of being hit with sanctions.

        At the end of this day, Mauritania counts six (6) cases including two (2) cured, three (3) under treatment and one death. According to health authorities, 75 contact cases have been identified and are contained. This figure does not include the contact cases of case number six (6) whose death is due to covid19, it should be remembered.

        Since the appearance of covid19 in Mauritania, a series of measures have been taken to limit the spread of the virus. Shops, borders and cafes are closed. Interurban traffic is interrupted but we continue to pile up like sardines in public transport, despite the ministry's decision which prohibits overcharging.
        "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
        -Nelson Mandela


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          7th case:


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            Coronavirus – Mauritania: UNICEF Mauritania Humanitarian Situation Report
            By Africa Press Office
            April 13, 2020


            Mauritania has officially confirmed 7 cases of imported COVID-19, two recoveries and one death...


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              Mauritania has not reported a positive case since April 09, 2020.
              April 19, 2020 Dakaractu

              While the Coronavirus pandemic has crossed the 20,000 mark in Africa, one country stands out: Mauritania. This country bordering Senegal has not declared a positive case since ... on April 09. COVID-19, which appeared in Mauritania on March 13, was then diagnosed in six other people, while 913 tests were carried out.

              In fact, the fifth case is a Ka?di sheriff who stayed in Senegal before returning home on March 19. He was declared cured on Friday April 17 and joined 5 patients who tested negative after harboring the virus in their bodies. The country has lamented only one death and hopes to never return to the disease.

              However, it should be noted that 752 people are still in segregation. This means that the Mauritanian authorities are careful not to declare victory, even if it must be admitted that it is a feat that the country owes to the measures taken very early to deal with the disease.

              In addition to closing its borders with Senegal, Morocco and Mali, the decision was made to place in quarantine for 14 days, anyone from a country where the pandemic is raging. A curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. has been declared. The cafes and restaurants closed, the big Friday prayer has been suspended while all rallies are prohibited. The courses are not to be outdone…


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                Mauritania: Covid-19's last patients recovered
                Nouakchott, 20 Apr 09:20 - (Agenzia Nova) - Mauritanian medical sources have confirmed that tests carried out over the weekend have confirmed the healing of the seventh case confirmed by coronavirus, the latest in the country. Official sources have confirmed that the patient being treated in Ka?di has now recovered but that he will remain under observation. Mauritanian Minister of Health Nadhirou Ould Hamed added that two patients with coronavirus in Nouakchott were declared cured, as the tests carried out were negative. At the moment 782 people are still in quarantine in the country according to the latest assessment communicated by the Ministry of Health. (Res) ? Agenzia Nova


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                  No new cases...says it is virus-free:


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                    7confirmed cases

                    Mauritania Coronavirus cases at this date from WHO

                    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                      8th case:


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                        May 13, 2020

                        The Ministry of Health notifies citizens of the registration of the ninth confirmed case of COVID-19, as this case was diagnosed at the National Heart Center of a 63-year-old Mauritanian citizen who had died, may God have mercy on him, hours after confirmation of his injury.
                        And as the Ministry extends its full condolences to the family of the deceased and calls for mercy and forgiveness, it seizes this opportunity to reaffirm the importance of respecting preventive measures (wearing the mask, respecting distances and washing hands regularly).


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                          May 14, 2020

                          The Ministry of Health announces the injury of five people after the tests carried out today, on 32 persons who had contact with the ninth case, while tests carried out on a patient in the National Hospital confirmed that he was infected with the Corona virus.
                          This brings the number of confirmed injuries recorded so far to 15.

                          5 cases from the ninth case family.
                          In the meantime, the Ministry of Health continues to search for persons likely to be in contact with case 9 and is also investigating the case that was registered in the National Hospital to follow the path of its owner and knowing all its circumstances as a way to take the resulting actions.


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                            26 cases; 2 deaths:


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                              40 cases; 4 deaths: