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Mysterious flu-bug under investigation

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  • Mysterious flu-bug under investigation


    Mysterious flu-bug under investigation

    Posted: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:07:11 +0200
    Following some unconfirmed reports emanating from some high density suburbs in Harare that there is a mysterious flue-bug that has claimed two lives in Budiriro, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Douglas Mombeshora, says his Ministry in conjunction with the World Health Organisation, has set out teams to carry out a thorough investigation.

    Health officials from Budiriro have reported a flue like disease which they say might have claimed two lives in the area last week.

    Although the said disease is still shrouded in mysteries, Dr Mombeshora says Zimbabweans should not panic as it could just be a different and stronger strain of flue which could be a result of changes in seasons.

    Dr Mombeshora said his Ministry, in conjunction with the World Health Organisation, have since sent out teams to investigate and make laboratory tests of the disease in Budiriro and results are expected before the end of the week.

    The Minister was however quick to point out that as the country approaches the winter season, people should keep warm and take a lot of vitamins.

    He said if an individual contracts flue and the disease persists for more than seven days, it is proper that one quickly visits a health institution for treatment.

    Flu bugs are not new to the region as last year in South Africa, a strong and rare flue bug claimed several lives prompting the international community to carry out research which revealed that the flue virus can easily change and in some cases it can be so strong that victims die.

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    Re: Mysterious flu-bug under investigation

    Has anyone seen any followup on ths article? In light of the appearance and fairly rapid spread of H1N1 I am wondering if theres any relationship. As they are heading into winter, if it is the H1N1 we are watching, we might see how this virus is going to behave.
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