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Morocco - Bird flu in poultry causing "corrupt" meat to reach market - March 22, 2016

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  • Morocco - Bird flu in poultry causing "corrupt" meat to reach market - March 22, 2016

    I have no idea what strain this is. AND all bird flu is!?

    Bird flu is not contagious in Morocco .. and these symptoms in poultry
    Hespress - Ayoub al-Rimi
    Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 00:50

    Raised the death numbers of chickens and turkeys in some Moroccan farms, because of being infected with bird flu, the ire of Moroccan consumers and apprehensions, especially after he deliberately brokers to sick chickens and meat corrupt sale, recently, one of the weekly markets of the new Pierre, a process that culminated in the destruction of 250 kilos of meat unfit for consumption. Destroy meat chicken and turkey corrupt, coupled with the urgent demands of the need to pursue those involved in providing the city with chicken corrupt, and appeal to all interests involved in such campaigns, especially municipal interests of hygiene and departments charged with fighting of the regional interests of the fraud, not to tolerate unscrupulous health and safety of citizens. A veterinarian Bouazza Kherati The first symptoms of bird flu that appear on poultry starting from the inability to eat and drop her neck back, and getting symptoms when exacerbate disease where Fry eyes and come out liquid from the nose and hide his weight, then you can not stand on its own feet. Kherati said, within his interview with Hespress electronic newspaper, that rotten meat infected with bird flu be red in color bleak tends to blue, stressing that the flu infected poultry Morocco is not contagious, is not transmitted to humans, and not infected by poultry (WHAT? s.s) such as France. He highlighted Kherati, who also head the Moroccan League for consumer rights, the poultry sector was severely affected due to illness, where he arrived the price per egg to "34 rials" (AED 70 centimes), stressing that the price will see the largest increase, especially during the month of Ramadan, which is eggs boiled according to a key at the breakfast table, what would be forced Morocco to import 60 per cent of the belongings of this article from the outside, according to the spokesman estimates. President of the Moroccan League for Consumer Rights reported that the state does not support the estates of poultry owners in the event of health problems like this, does not provide for the killing of sick chickens in a safe manner, and does not compensate owners for the loss, what drives them to sell less the prices for brokers who by promoting weekly and distant markets for observation, noting that 90 percent of the poultry is not subject to veterinary control, which encourages the spread of "Riachat." He pointed spokesman said Morocco as a whole not only on the 23 health units for the slaughter of chickens is available, the two units have stopped engaging in, which is not a sufficient number to meet the needs of demand in Morocco, where the resort of all Moroccans, almost, some small shops to vendors chicken who use "Riyahh" to clean the chicken, confirming that it is unhealthy, Calling them "epicenter of risk" to the health of citizens. Kherati called on Moroccans to avoid buying poultry meat from unlicensed shops, and go to stores that offer meat printed and observers from the party of Veterinary Services, and the need for reporting of all irregularities observed at the stores that offer meat rotten or diseased poultry.