Commission crisis of bird flu Btabrq warns of worsening of the situation
Aug 13, 2015

Tobruk gate-Africa News
Dr. "strange strange as reference," the official spokesman of the Committee on the crisis of bird flu Btabrq warned that the health facilities in the private and each of Tobruk Libyan cities generally suffer from a severe crisis in the availability of medicines and equipment temporary ailments.
He said, "as reference" told the reporter Africa Gateway News in Tobruk ((next Aloim would be cruel and alopecia in the field of health and medical services, even if available financial liquidity the health sector means of many problems and gross Perhaps the most dangerous and the most prominent of the weakness of human capacity are numbers without efficiency and capabilities, but a number Not to mention the lack of a few much-time commitment and added "as reference" ((the problem of poor security and congestion visitors and escorts and special sections care of the most important remains the spread of infection health facilities factors))

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