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Libya - Media report: Tobruk animal health office announced 100 chickens died from H5N1 bird flu - samples sent to Tripoli - February 17, 2015

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  • sharon sanders
    Conclusion of a workshop on avian influenza in Libya

    Libya's future : the first on Wednesday concluded a workshop in Tunis, under the theme "Strengthening the capacity of veterinary services Libyan to control bird flu," about bird flu in Libya disease, under the supervision of the Public Authority for Agriculture, Libya and the National Center for Animal Health and the organization of animal health the OIE and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and animal health network for the Mediterranean REMESA and the cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture in Tunisia, during the period from May 11 to 13, 2015 with the

    participation of 13 participants from all parts of Libya.This workshop was the first interaction at the international level with the problem of the emergence of birds in Libya flu, which first appeared in Libya, specifically in the city of Tobruk in March of 2014 as a focus and a single, then the disease again in the same city appeared in February 2015 but with the increase in the number of outposts, bringing the total outposts registered for this year seven spots in the poultry birds, local and foreign scattered across 23 km of which is in the center of the city

    is that the disease had not been recorded in humans so far, something that worried him to health authorities in Libya. And it participated in the workshop a number of Almmaizin international experts in the field of surveillance and control of bird flu from the Netherlands, Italy and France disease, in order to strengthen the capacity of veterinary services staff in responding to this disease and response, as issued by the workshop a number of important and which will be referred to the Libyan government and organizations Recommendations competent in order to implement their respective

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  • Libya - Media report: Tobruk animal health office announced 100 chickens died from H5N1 bird flu - samples sent to Tripoli - February 17, 2015

    The situation is chaotic in Libya. Some embassies are closing. I am not sure to what extent the government agencies are operational.

    Chicken deaths from bird flu in Tobruk

    Tobruk - the middle gate: Abdulaziz Rawaf | الثلاثاء فبراير 17 2015, 8:26 AM
    Local chicken in Tobruk (file: Internet) Survey Poultry Diseases Office of Animal Health Office announced in Tobruk deaths of more than 100 chickens died of HIV «H5N1» known as bird flu during the past few days.
    The office said a statement on Monday, seen by «middle gate», that infected poultry from local chicken type.
    He pointed out that the competent authorities have culled by all applicable standards, and has cleared the place that I found it. The family that had been vaccinated and then I found this case.
    The statement added that he was sending samples to the city of Tripoli for study and analysis.
    The statement warned vendors and poultry farmers of this virus and called on them to take all the necessary precautions.
    He noted that the Office of Animal Health in the city of Tobruk during the past few days the process of inventory and field survey of the premises sale of birds in the city.
    It is noteworthy that this type of chicken sold in popular market

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