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Past Bird Flu in Libya - but Not in Humans

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  • Past Bird Flu in Libya - but Not in Humans

    This article mentions the past existence of bird flu (HIV in arabic translations typically refers to H5N1) in Libya - but not humans....

    "..This bird flu disease which was discovered and has allocated budgets to surround and cut. لكن هذا الفيروس والذى وان لم يثبت مخبريا انتقاله بين البشر الا ان هناك نوع منه تم اكتشافه فى ليبيا وهو فيروس معدى تصاب به الاصناف الرديئة من البشر والذى بدأت عوارضه المرضية و غير المرئية تنهش جسد الدولة الليبية وهو ما يطلق عليه اليوم بأسم انفلونزا الخطرة. But this virus, which, although not proven laboratory transmission among humans but there is the type of which was discovered in Libya, which supports HIV infected by the bad varieties of human beings, which began symptoms of sick and invisible to ravage the body of the Libyan state, which called today on behalf of dangerous flu..."