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Guinea - Boke: 54,000 laying hens died in a private farm

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  • Guinea - Boke: 54,000 laying hens died in a private farm

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    Tues., February 23rd, 2016, 1:12 p.m. Posted By Amadou Camara

    Boke: 54,000 laying hens died in a private farm

    Since 7 February, laying hens from a private farm owned by Lansana Dansoko, fall under the weight of an unknown illness. From then until today, the situation becomes increasingly worse and causing the death of more than 54,000 laying hens, has there been on site.

    A total of 54,000 laying hens that died in this private farm located in yomboya district, urban district of Boke. Hens of twelve, seven and three months pundits are completely blown away by this disease. Very insignificant at first, the number of laying hens at the farm vanished, gradually increasing. From 400 cases at first, the total number is now estimated at 54,000 dead chickens to the disease. Lansana Dansoko, the owner of the farm that we met, declines his surprise and concern at this situation, which almost ruined his farm "since 7 February, we started to record the death of hundreds of chickens. Every day, there were 100, 200, 400 dead. These two days, it became more serious. I ask the government to help me because I have lost almost everything. "

    "This is a disease of unknown origin that would cause the death of these hens," said Alpha Sory Bangoura, the prefect breeding manager Boke. According to him, only the laboratory result could determine the real causes of this disease.

    Informed the prefect of Boke, Mohamed Lamine Doumbouya, visited the scene. He deplored the situation he described as catastrophic, "it's really a disaster to see thousands of chickens disappear this way. I'm shocked, because this farm is a power source populations of Boke and elsewhere. I share the pain with the owner and we will take all measures necessary to know the origin of this disease. "

    For now, it is time for the incineration of hens and analysis of the samples to the laboratory in order to know the real origin of this disease. Also, the local authority has banned all visits within the grounds of the farm.
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