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Djibouti - Local New Situation Update 2006-06-05

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  • Djibouti - Local New Situation Update 2006-06-05

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    Updated on Monday June 5, 2006 at 11H00

    Avian flu
    the point on the situation

    In a statement made with the national press yesterday Tuesday, Doctor Ammar Abdou specialist epidemiologist, attached to the cabinet of the Minister for Health draws up an assessment of the national response against virus H5N1 responsible for the avian flu. Consequently the occasion it held to reject information highly, judged, according to him, the erroneous ones, diffused last week by the Somalia section of British chain BBC.

    “Since the detection of the first human case of avian flu in Djibouti on May 11 last, a series of activities was carried out by the Ministry for Health. It is advisable to recall that the epidemic was controlled on the level of the locality of Damerjog. And this thanks to important steps which were taken, so many in the field of disinfection the vehicles which attend this zone whose nearly 800 were disinfected on the level of the station from Nagad and 200 at the frontier station of Loyada, but also on the disinfection of the various sites where there were operations of chicken demolitions. “

    In addition to this phase which related to hygiene, there was another, medical this one, where nearly 10 villages located at the neighbourhoods of Damerjog were raked. Thus, a number from 300 to 400 people were consulted by the mobile team installation by the Ministry for Health. It is advisable to also note that at Djibouti-city, trainings were given with the profit of the doctors, male nurses and midwives.

    The objective of these formations aimed at reinforcing the monitoring system of avian flu on the level of the medical structures. It was indeed a question of allowing to the personnel health to diagnose and recognize the patients presenting the symptoms of this disease. This so that the possible patients presenting of the suspect signs can be dealt with more quickly. This national response will thus continue until this epidemic slows down at the international level.

    While waiting, the Ministry for Health centered its efforts in the training of its medical personnel, given that it is about a disease which could cause several million death in the world. The specialists estimate at more than 4 million the number of people which could die of the continuations of this disease.