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Cameroon - Media report of 3 children suspected with H5N1 bird flu in Bafoussam who moved to Yaounde - September 15, 2016

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  • Cameroon - Media report of 3 children suspected with H5N1 bird flu in Bafoussam who moved to Yaounde - September 15, 2016

    CAMEROON :: Avian flu: Three children with suspected

    by , September 15, 2016 in Society News

    They have been contaminated in Bafoussam and Yaounde find in recent days. After the chickens, H5N1 has he already attacked the man in the department of MiFi? In recent days, the prefect of the department seeks to see clearly. Indeed, during a meeting he chaired Friday, 8 September, on educating poultry farmers in respect of the measures enacted by the governor of the western region, to fight bird flu, a revelation to him was made ​​by the delegate district livestock, fisheries and animal industries, Bafoussam 3rd. This indicated that in the context of missions controls and vigils in his unit, she made ​​aware of the series of deaths in chickens in a farm in Tocket district, belonging to a lady. Only when she visited the farm the next day, great was his surprise. Since the farm had a herd of 600 subjects had been emptied by night. Worst neighbors trust in the responsible MINEPIA that the three children of the owner of the farm in question suffered recently from the flu and a chronic cough. In order to check itself, the MINEPIA Borough delegate will visit the lady and will find that nobody was there. The neighbors inform it moved to Yaounde with sick children for care. Except as authorities fear that the symptoms presented are the result of transmission of H5N1 from poultry to humans, and that taking inappropriate load can produce new infections. Joseph Tangwa Fover instructed an investigation to find the woman and her sick children to the quarantine, waiting to clear the disease from which they suffer. For a week the flu seems to have made ​​a comeback in the department of MiFi.To combat it, the governor of the western region signed Friday, September 8, a decree "prohibiting the sale of poultry in markets department of MiFi"; "Prohibition of movement of poultry, livestock products and by-products or from the Department of MiFi"; "Containment of outbreaks identified within 10 km and strengthening biosecurity measures." The No. 1 of the Western Region does not stop there. He also prescribed slaughtering "systematic, incineration of all suspected or infected birds in a radius of 3 km and burial of carcasses"; "Compulsory disinfection of all poultry livestock buildings and sites identified in a radius of 3 km and adherence to a crawl until further notice"; "Application of practical advice issued by the MINEPIA and / or MOH to manage the crisis"; "Submission of all poultry site visits of veterinary services and health personnel"; and finally regular assessment of infection "highly pathogenic avian influenza"