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Bird flu in Cameroon: 54 000 poultry slaughtered, 25 outbreaks identified - Ministry

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  • Bird flu in Cameroon: 54 000 poultry slaughtered, 25 outbreaks identified - Ministry

    • Tuesday, July 26, 2016
    According to the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA), since the official declaration of bird flu in Cameroon May 25, 2016, approximately 25 epizootic outbreaks have been identified and 54 000 slaughtered poultry in farms infected, markets and affected localities (Yaounde, Ebolowa, Bayangam, Bafoussam and Daber).

    "At present, the situation is under control.. The measures taken in the Ministry and by the Regions governors have actually allowed the control of the evolution of these outbreaks that are in sharp decline, "said Minister in charge of Livestock, Dr Taiga.. He added that the time is the depopulation of farms.

    According to figures obtained from the ministry in charge of Livestock, chickens workforce fall annually around 50 million head of which 25 million traditional chickens, 18 million broilers, 5.5 million laying hens, 210000 parental flesh subjects and 90,000 of parental pundits.

    Traditional small and commercial farmers for nearly 80% of the supply market. A dozen hatcheries exist throughout the territory of Cameroon and annually produce about 10 million chicks for a real capacity estimated at 20 million. Egg production is estimated at 15 000 tonnes per year and is expected to reach 26 000 tonnes in 2020, according to the ambitions of MINEPIA.
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