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Fight against bird flu: cartons of more than 160,000 eggs incinerated in Manga


Cartons of more than 160,000 eggs incinerated in Manga

Manga, April 28, 2015- (AIB): Local authorities in charge of livestock in Southcentral conducted incineration of over 160,000 eggs in cartons seized by the services of the Mobile Brigade Customs in Manga, Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

Boxes containing more than 160,000 eggs were incinerated in Manga, Tuesday, April 28, 2015, by regional officials in charge of the South Central Animal Resources, attended by local security forces.

The cargo, valued at more than 10 million, from neighboring Ghana, said the Regional Director of Animal Resources, Seydou Kouanda, were seized on 26 and 27 April 2015 by the Brigade Mobile services of Manga .

"It is under the ministerial decree concerning the provisional prohibition of import, distribution of poultry products and their derived origin or from infected countries or non self-declared countries of H5N1 bird flu that these eggs were destroyed and incinerated, "he explained.

When questioned, one of the owners of the lot, Adama Bagagnan, said not to be aware of the prohibition of foreign origin poultry products on the national territory.

"I did not even know that Ghana eggs were banned in Burkina," he defends himself very saddened.

Present at the scene of the incineration the Chief Veterinary Services of the Ministry, Adama Ma´ga, said the cargo arrived without an import permit, without health certificate, yet mandatory, he said, to import animal product from the foreign country.

"We can not allow that products which may bring avian influenza in our country are distributed on the national territory," continued Dr. Adama Ma´ga.

Since the recent introduction of avian influenza, highly pathogenic H5N1 strain, Burkina Faso, the department in charge of the issue has in fact taken vigorous measures to limit disease progression