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​Benin - Bird flu alert: 2,150 chicks from Nigeria seized

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  • ​Benin - Bird flu alert: 2,150 chicks from Nigeria seized

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    Benin bird flu alert: 2,150 chicks from Nigeria seized

    Hervé Yao Kingbęwé January 22, 2015

    Despite the warning of bird flu started in Benin after the reappearance of the H5N1 virus earlier this week in neighboring Nigeria, importation of poultry of great Eastern neighbor continues. This Wednesday, January 21, 2015, a large number of day-old chicks -2150- from the country of President Goodluck Jonathan was going to be spilled on the national market by an economic operator; were it not for the vigilance of the services responsible for control of poultry transactions that have taken place in time to get hold of such prohibited cargo.

    These will be destroyed according to the press release of the Minister of Livestock, which prohibited until further notice, formally the import, transit and poultry distribution, parts and offal frozen poultry, chicks day, eggs, cattle for food and other poultry preparations from Nigeria.

    In the remarks he delivered after major seizure, the Director of Livestock, Byll Kpérou Gado, was reassuring regarding the actions of the competent services to prevent the spread of avian influenza on the Benin ground. However, he invited the public to avoid contact with poultry, to cook poultry foods. Also, he has advised farmers not to direct their poultry houses in the direction of the prevailing winds as the wind is also a vehicle for spreading the virus.
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