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Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

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  • Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

    First bird flu case in Tindouf, expert calls for monitoring stations in Morocco, Tunisia

    The first case of bird flu death has been registered in Tindouf, south Algeria, where thousands of Moroccan Sahrawis are detained by the so-called Polisario movement, MAP news agency reported.

    Arabic language daily Annahar al Maghribya said, according to sources from the detention camps, that the death was caused by the food received as humanitarian aid to the area, and included contaminated chicken.

    The aid was sent to the Tindouf population after recent torrential rains that left an estimated 50,000 Moroccan Sahrawis homeless.

    The newspaper added that the camps received aids form countries where bird flu was detected, including “Algeria, Spain, and Italy”.

    After the disease reached some countries of the European Union (EU), and recently Nigeria and Egypt, Moroccans have become more concerned about any possible infection of the national poultry.

    No case of bird flu has been detected in Morocco so far. A preventive policy against bird flu started in early October, as the government worked out a national action plan to avert any potential risk of the disease, imposing stricter quarantine measures on poultry farms, border posts and slaughter houses.

    The Moroccan authorities also banned the importation of poultry from avian-flu infected countries and activated the National Commission for the Monitoring of Avian Flu , presided by Prime Minister Driss Jettou.

    Early this month, an Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) regional meeting was held in Tunis to discuss the threat of the H5N1 virus on the region.

    A Tunisian ornithologist, Abd Al-Majeed Dabar, urged Europe on Friday to set up advanced bird flu monitoring stations in Morocco and Tunisia, which are on the route of migratory birds flying from and to Europe, reported AFP.

    “Tunesia and Morocco are located in two of the three corridors of seasonal migration. It would be beneficial for countries like Spain, France, Italy, or Germany to set up stations of monitoring, ” said Dabar, who is also president of the Association of Bird Friends (AAO).

    The third corridor of migration Europe-Africa-Europe goes through Turkey, which is already contaminated by the disease.

    “Birds never change their migration routes and know no boundaries,” he added, stressing that the set up of monitoring stations will allow early detection of bird flu cases.

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    Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

    Date: Wed 28 Mar 2007
    From: ProMED-mail <>
    Source: Liberation (Casablanca), via [Trans. from
    French by Mod.MPP, abridged and edited]

    Algeria: first detected avian flu case

    The 1st case of avian flu was detected in a hen from a domestic
    breeding site in the locality of Sidi El Bachir in the Oran Wilaya
    [governorate] (432 Km to the west of Algiers).

    It is suspected to be the 1st case detected in Algeria, and in the
    Maghreb [North Africa]. The diagnosis has been confirmed by analyses
    performed by the regional laboratory of veterinary services at
    Tlemcen (580 Kms to the west of Algiers). The carcass was sent to the
    regional laboratory in Tlemcen to detect the presence of the H5N1
    virus, responsible for avian flu.

    The authorities increased controls and preventive measures in order
    to prevent the propagation of the disease in humans.

    [Byline: Nadia Ziane]

    [This piece of news, initially published by a Francophone daily in
    neighbouring Morocco, has come to our attention belatedly; so far, it
    has not been confirmed by other sources, particularly Algerian ones.
    The mentioned Tlemcen laboratory is adjacent to the Moroccan border.

    Further information, confirmatory or otherwise, is requested. - Mod.AS].

    [For a map of Algeria with governorates (Wilaya), see
    <>. Sidi El
    Bachir in located in Oran on the western Mediterranean coast of
    Algeria. The laboratory mentioned in the article is in Tlemcen, 2
    governorates to the west, bordering with Morocco. - Mod.MPP],37056


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      Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

      On forum, we have a veterinaire from the laboratory of tlemcen
      he said : No . No hence, no avian flu

      translation with machine
      SPECIFIED No case recorded in Algeria, according to the ministry Following the information advanced by certain media concerning an aviary case of influenza occurred in the wilaya of Oran, the ministry for Health, the Population and the hospital Reform declares formally that no case of aviary influenza was recorded in Algeria and that advanced information on this subject by certain media is stripped of any base. It is to be recalled that an intersector device of day before, follow-up and fight against the threat of aviary influenza was set up and is operational since January 2006. The laboratory of Tlemcen lunatic the director of the regional veterinary laboratory of Tlemcen precise. Following the article published in your daily newspaper of 27/03/07 relative to a case of aviary influenza detected on a hen to Oran and which would have been diagnosed by the regional veterinary laboratory of Tlemcen, I assure you that to date no case of aviary influenza was detected or diagnosed by our services. information is appeared in different daily newspapers

      http://le cpourrier d'algérie du 28.03.2007
      Aucun cas enregistré en Algérie, selon le ministère
      Suite aux informations avancées par certains médias concernant un cas de grippe aviaire survenu dans la wilaya d’Oran, le ministère de la Santé, de la Population et de la Réforme hospitalière déclare formellement qu’aucun cas de grippe aviaire n’a été enregistré en Algérie et que les informations avancées à ce sujet par certains médias sont dénuées de tout fondement. Il est à rappeler qu’un dispositif intersectoriel de veille, de suivi et de lutte contre la menace de grippe aviaire a été mis en place et est opérationnel depuis janvier 2006.

      Le laboratoire de Tlemcen dément
      Le directeur du laboratoire vétérinaire régional de Tlemcen précise. Suite à l’article paru dans votre quotidien du 27/03/07 relatif à un cas de grippe aviaire détecté sur une poule à Oran et qui aurait été diagnostiqué par le laboratoire vétérinaire régional de Tlemcen, je vous confirme qu’à ce jour aucun cas de grippe aviaire n’a été détecté ou diagnostiqué par nos services.

      l'info est parue dans d'autre quotidiens


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        Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

        Thanks, ANNE!Glad to hear they don't have any so far.


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          Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

          Actually, all that I we heard is : this particulary chicken don't exist. But creats some panic in the town.

          " Some conservation groups say they couldn't find ANY H5N1 in ANY wild bird in Africa."

          perhaps, but it s not a conservation group, it 's a lonely scientific man in a laboratory.
          he don't speek about wild bird or flamingo, but about this unique, alone and perhaps virtual chicken.


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            Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

            Click image for larger version

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              Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

              Note that the latest report posted by treyfish regards possible bf in poultry, whereas that first post by Snowy (from last year) regarded possible bf in a human(s). We never heard any follow up on that possible case (AFAIK).

              Not sure exactly where Sidi El Bachir (from treyfish's post) is, but it's in Oran Province, which is here (across the Med from Spain -- not near Tindouf where last year's poss case was):

              Here's the city of Oran, which is in Oran Province:

              Click image for larger version

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                Re: Algeria: First Bird Flu Case (in birds)

                The RSOE Alert service carries the same story as Promed,with the google map.