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ALGERIA - Int'l conference on avian flu in Algiers / no cases of bf found in Algeria

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  • ALGERIA - Int'l conference on avian flu in Algiers / no cases of bf found in Algeria

    Google-translated from French:

    International conference on the avian flu in Algiers
    Algeria made all the provisions

    By: D. Akila It: Sunday June 17, 2007

    - More than 5.000 taking away [tests] of which 1.567 carried out in 2007 in Algeria appeared negative.
    - 185 deaths and 306 people hospitalized at May 16, 2007.

    Although Algeria was saved up to now by the avian influenza with a risk zero recorded at the end of the various taking away carried out to date by the veterinary services, more than 5.000 whose 1.567 carried out into 2007 which revealed negative results, the device of monitoring of the evolution of the virus remains maintained just as vigilance, always in day before, in front of the persistence of the risk. It is what the Minister for Agriculture and the rural Development declared, Mr. Said Barkat with the opening of the organized international conference on the avian flu, yesterday, at the national School veterinary surgeon d' Alger with the collaboration of the direction of the veterinary services of the ministry for Agriculture and the national School veterinary surgeon, Alfort (France) and the support of laboratory CEVA.

    The minister who intervened in front of a floor of experts of France, of Belgium, of Canada and Tunisia come to exchange their experiments with their Algerian counterparts, stressed the importance of such a meeting as regards maturation of the reflexion engaged within the framework of the fight against this pathology.

    It acts, such as underlined the director of the ENVA, Mr. Louardi Guezlane “to review the various aspects related to the disease, its evolution in the world like, the means of diagnosis and fight against the virus” which remains among the major concerns of OMC. The appearance in 2003 of the avian influenza throughout the world and the propagation of virus H5N1 in areas of Europe and Africa encouraged the Algerian authorities to take preventive measures.

    A national commission of monitoring and cells of day before, follow-up and fight against the avian flu will be installed on the level of the wilayas per executive decree continuation, in particular with the strong progression of epizooty in autumn 2006. To consolidate the action of these structures, the services concerned initiated a program of sensitizing and of recommendation as well as the development and the adoption of a plan of emergency intervention in the event of declaration of a suspect hearth will indicate Mr. Rachid Boughdour, director of the veterinary services to the ministry for Agriculture. According to figures' revealed by the World Health Organization, since 2003, year of the appearance of the disease at May 16, 2007, 185 people found death following a contamination by the virus whereas 306 others were hospitalized.

    The last developments give a report on death of a small girl in Egypt, a few days ago at the time when the disease remakes surface in Indonesia. However, the situation alarming such as is not also presented by the media, so much “only the close contacts between the man and the birds infected under poor conditions of hygiene currently support the transmission of the virus”, reassures Mrs. Jeanne Brugère Picoux, professor at the school of Alfort. It should be said that the experiment lived between 2005 and 2006 made it possible to improve the lawful devices and other plans of prevention and fight against the IAHP throughout the world. As, the medical policies were arranged so as to better determine this pandemia indicate the experts who estimate as, vaccination remains the most effective tool for the control of the disease for little, obviously, than it is associated strict and permanent epidemiologic measurements of monitoring.
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