babelfished from French:

Fight campaign against the avian flu
Dec 23, 2006

All the cells of prevention and fight against the avian flu installed the last year were reactivated on the level of the agricultural district of Maâtkas, which includes/understands, in addition to this commune, those of Souk-El-Ténine, Béni- Zmezer and Tirmitine. This decision is justified by the risk to see epizooty, due to the virus H5N1 which made devastations on a world level and which created a panic of largest among the Algerian populations, in particular in the stockbreeders of the avicolous die, to remake surface.

The current period, energy of at the beginning of October to at the end of January, is particularly dreaded because of the passage of the migratory flow of the birds of Europe towards the south of the African continent, one learned us on the level from the above-mentioned subdivision. Therefore, it is with an aim of countering any possibility especially as a public awareness campaign concerning the near total of the villages is carried out for some time and sets of precautions were recommended as well for the stockbreeders as for all the inhabitants in general, when one knows that many hearths devote themselves to the domestic breeding. The services of agriculture and the agents of the subdivision furrow the four corners of the communes referred to above in order to bring up to date the poultry file listed at the time of the first countryside, to give explanations on the virus, its modes of transmission and to popularize the preventive measures, like the containment of the poultries and their setting safe from any contact with the migratory birds. The vigilance and the good citizenship of the citizens are also requested for the description of any suspect case. Concerning the risk itself, the persons in charge held to reassure, “although vigilance must be of setting”, inform, that it is largely less relevant than the last year. It relativizes it with the climate which reigned on the sphere lately and propose one of the factors which encourage not to succumb to panic. According to them, the particularly hot year, the autonomous last especially, which the planet in its four corners knew made that the birds will not migrate in great quantities. Our country is not likely to be crossed by a flow usually coming from Europe, in the search of hotter places. Europe where settled the winter prematurely did not have to know the same phenomenon, for this year. The example of Oslo and the temperature recorded very recently were of 10° would be revealing, according to always our source.