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Uganda: Parliament rejects loan for bird flu

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  • Uganda: Parliament rejects loan for bird flu


    Uganda Health News: Parliament rejects loan for bird flu
    First published: 20090519 10:22:23 AM EST

    The Parliamentary Committee on National Economy has rejected a proposal by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to get a loan of over 40 billion shillings from the World Bank to be used to fight bird flu.

    The MP for People With Disabilities Julius Balyejusa says the loan has been rejected because the country has more pressing needs that require funding other than the funding prevention of a disease that is just anticipated.

    Balyejusa says disease has never broken out in Africa and therefore the chances that disease will break out in Africa are minimal.

    He says the proposal to borrow money to prevent Bird Flu may not be bad but it is not a priority that needs funding at the moment.

    The Chairman of the committee, Steven Birahwa says it not sensible to borrow money which will not go into any productive usage at the moment since the government will have to pay back the loan with interest when the money has not benefited Ugandans.