European Commission governing the formation on the fight against avian flu in Morocco

06:20 | 07.04.2009 Casablanca | Morocco

European Commission organizes three training workshops on avian influenza with high morbidity risk, in collaboration with the Directorate of the Ministry of livestock farming and fishing.

The communication to the European Commission Delegation in Rabat, reached a "Moroccan" a copy of it, on Monday, this will be the training workshops in three cities, namely Rabat (from 6 to April 10 of this month), Fez (13 to April 17), Marrakech (20 to April 24). The author pointed out that each workshop will receive approximately 16 participants in the training.

According to the same source, the composition falls within the framework of "the formation of a good material for safer food", funded by the Directorate General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission.

This initiative and will aspects of the areas of food legislation, food and animal feed and livestock, and with regard to animal health, as well as the rules of hygiene.

He added that the author of this technical cooperation between the two European and Moroccan is designed to strengthen the capacity of public sector workers in the Moroccan and the level of expectation in the control of avian influenza with high morbidity risk.

The composition of the areas of interest to bio-safety, and the outline of the focus and action to combat avian influenza and strangulation, and control the virus, in addition to other techniques used across the world.

And the level of this composition, the Delegation of the European Commission Communication in Rabat would be under the supervision of Dr. Dubravka Sileniec, Guy Mini, which offered considerable experience in the control of the contagious virus of the disease, and in the fight against the spread of hot, and management of epidemics.

Training workshops will be organized in the form of participatory cooperation aimed at promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience, and identify the best ways to work within the local context in Morocco.

The European Commission has indicated that the technical cooperation with Morocco is in its commitment to the international level the fight against avian flu, and prepare for a potential pandemic of the disease, in the framework of the "formation of a good food for more safety."

To this end, recall the European Commission, its commitment to support the promotion of preventive action in the face of the risks of animal diseases, such as avian flu, implications of the "5 The virus Ashe 1."

There is additional information on training workshops Almertbakp the following e-mail address of the project: