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DJIBOUTI - "To reinforce the monitoring of the aviary influenza"

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  • DJIBOUTI - "To reinforce the monitoring of the aviary influenza"

    babelfished from French:

    To reinforce the monitoring of the aviary influenza
    Sept 10, 2007

    Since the aviary influenza made its appearance with the country, of many measurements were taken to fight it effectively; several ministries are implied and most important is that of the Agriculture which very put in work to reinforce the monitoring of the epidemic. It is accordingly that the direction of the breeding has organized for last Saturday a formation on the epidemio-monitoring of the aviary influenza and other animal diseases being able to assign the man.

    "Certainly the situation is currently controlled," declared the director of the breeding Mr. Moussa Ibrahim Cheick at the time of the opening of the workshop, nevertheless it recognizes that the threat of reappearance of the disease always exists".

    Let us recall that a few months ago of that, of the demolition campaigns were carried out by the department of agriculture. This formation which joins together a score of frameworks whose majority are veterinary surgeons and technicians of the breeding stresses the techniques of monitoring.

    The raison d'etre of the activities of monitoring is the early detection of a disease in order to facilitate the fight. It is the base of the activities of prevention and fight against the diseases. The aviary flu virus can evolve/move in time. The epidemiologic monitoring must follow this evolution.

    This monitoring relates to the domestic poultry breedings, the priority sites of control such as the port, the airport, the central market, PK20, the railway station, just as the principal zones of concentration of the avifauna.
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