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Algerian BF medication rejected

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  • Algerian BF medication rejected

    Saidal’s CEO about Health Minister’s statement on medicines
    It may arouse problems with our clients and partners
    The Central-Executive Officer of the medicinal drug-producing group, M. Ali Aoun, responded yesterday to the statement made by the Health Minister, Amar Tou, who brought into question local-producing medicines’ efficiency. M. Aoun said the minister’s declaration harms the trust the sick are starting again to have in such local product. This would make it necessary to review the overall health strategy, adopted by our country for many years, he adds.

    Ali Aoun expressed his anger as to Health Minister’s statement on the efficiency of local-produced medications, saying it may well generate problems with our clients especially as Saidal is represented in nine African countries. The speaker thinks the “little trust” the group succeeds to get back is threaten. If what said the minister comes to be true, we would have to reconsider Algeria’s health strategy, Saidal’s CEO says. Algeria is exclusively producing important medicinal drugs in Africa, Aoun adds.
    “Medication is neither good nor bad, it is either complying with international standards or not complying”, he asserted.

    Asked on the information about Saidal dealing mainly with French laboratories, Ali Aoun said “my only concern is to make Saidal number one in the market”. However, he regrets the fact that National Pharmacy is refusing Avian Flu medication produced by Saidal, he says the group is storing two million and half units of that medicinal drugs.

    By Mohamed Cherrak
    "The next major advancement in the health of American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for himself"-- John Knowles, Former President of the Rockefeller Foundation