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Liberia: Swine flu-like outbreak in Nimba Co.

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  • Liberia: Swine flu-like outbreak in Nimba Co.


    Outbreak in Nimba: One Dead, 65 Others Affected
    Updated: August 8, 2009 - 11:18pm

    Ishmael F. Menkor

    NIMBA COUNTY One person has died and more than 65 others affected in the town of Laytoin in Nimba County.
    The killer is an unnamed condition whose symptoms are similar to Swine Flu.
    According to reliable sources from the town, Laytoin has become a no-go area for non-residents.

    The symptoms of the strange disease include coughing out blood and uncontrollable sneezing. People living in the surrounding towns have warned their relatives and loved ones not to visit Laytoin.

    The first victim of the strange disease was an elderly lady believed to be in her 60s.

    Nimba County Health Officer, Dr. Caulley Jappeh, confirmed an outbreak of a strange disease in the area. A health team, which had recently returned from Laytoin, also confirmed the outbreak. Jappeh told the Daily Observer that she did not know whether it was Swine Flu or not. She said a report on the outbreak had been sent to Monrovia, and a team of doctors from the World Health Organization (WHO)was expected in Nimba soon.

    When news of the outbreak hit Ganta on August 4, it was first reported that 27 persons had been affected; but the number continued to increase creating fear among residents.

    Yarwin Menssonoh, the district where the outbreak first occurred, is one of the remotest district in Nimba and has bad road conditions.