Kenya: Brace for the Deadly Ebola, Kenyans Warned

The Nation (Nairobi)
19 September 2007
Posted to the web 18 September 2007

Ebola, the dreaded disease and whose cure is yet to be discovered, could be rearing its head in the country.

The full disclosure is, however, expected on Thursday when the Ministry of Health presents a statement in the House as requested by Kuresoi MP Moses Cheboi (Kanu).

Health Assistant minister Wilfred Machage told MPs that it was possible that Ebola has struck in parts of Nakuru District in Kuresoi

He said that the deaths of two women in the area under bizarre circumstances could either be attributed to Ebola or Rift Valley Fever.

"There is likelihood that it is Ebola but I will bring more information on Thursday when I give the comprehensive ministerial statement on the issue," he said.

Dr Machage was responding to a request for a ministerial statement by Mr Cheboi who wanted to know the kind of disease which could have struck his constituency following the deaths of two women.

The Assistant minister said that the ministry had received reports about the deaths and had dispatched medical staff to the area to find out the cause. In the meantime, Dr Machage asked residents of the area not to eat meat from dead animals which he stated, could result in more deaths.