Egg Shortage Triggers Price Hike In Belait District
By Liza Mohd

Bandar Seri Begawan - What is happening at the egg farms? Why is there an egg shortage which is causing the egg prices to rise?
These questions were brought up by residents in Belait District amid a shortage of eggs at retail and department stores.
Several residents told the Borneo Bulletin that the egg supply is scarce throughout the district. To add salt to injury, some retail owners arc allegedly taking advantage of the situation to gain extra profits.
Eggs are normally sold in trays of 30, but are now sold in a plastic pack of ten eggs which costs $1.80. A tray of eggs used to cost just $4.50. Retail store owners allegedly refuse to sell the eggs in trays of 30 and instead sell the eggs in separate plastic bags to gain more profit.
Meanwhile, department stores have a limited supply of 30-egg trays. Customers who are "late" miss out on buying the eggs.
Shoppers who need eggs to make cakes and dishes for weddings and major events expressed their dissapponintment that the shortage was affecting their preparations.
The egg shortage is faced not only by the department and retail stores. Some residents claimed that there is also an egg shortage at egg farms. They claimed that they were unable to buy more than 30 eggs at a time, causing an inconvenience to those in the food business and others who need more than that amount. The residents are urging the relevant authorities to identify the cause of the egg shortage, which they claim is occurring frequently. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin