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Covid-19: Several cases including 20 health workers from Amissa hospital tested positive

Posted on Monday, March 8, 2021 | Gabonese Press Agency

Franceville, the capital of Haut-Ogoou? (south-east) recorded several cases on Thursday that tested positive for Covid-19, including 20 medical staff, after the death of a 53-year-old patient the day before, said a reliable source at AGP.

These include 20 members among the health personnel of the Amissa Bongo Regional Hospital, out of the 110 contact cases, including 30 family members of Lionel Nguia who died the day before as a result of Covid-19. Patient zero from Franceville, who had been on duty at Masuku University of Science and Technology (USTM) for a few years, was reportedly admitted first with a fever, before returning with other more serious symptoms.

The contamination on the military base of Mvengu? mentioned by some sources seems to confirm. There are in fact among the infected people of the military, including the senior officers who took part in the passing of charges indicated the same source to the AGP.

?About two weeks ago, there was a handover at the Mvengu? military base here in Franceville. Soldiers came from Libreville and perhaps other provinces for this event. It turns out that the gentleman was invited, ?indicated a source, who wondered Wednesday about the possibility that other people have already been infected in Franceville.

The province of Haut-Ogoou? is therefore the 5th affected by the pandemic in the country, after the estuary which houses the cluster of Grand Libreville, Woleu-Ntem (North), Ogoou?-Maritime (West) and Middle Ogoou? (Center).

With the accumulation of active and massive screenings which made 42 new contaminations Wednesday, Gabon records every day more and more cases of covid-19. The bar of 500 cases should be crossed by the end of the week according to some observers who fear that the worst is to come with regard to comorbidities, diabetes and hypertension, the main cause of death for all patients.

This contamination of Franceville shows the lack of respect for barrier measures and the failure of the containment of Greater Libreville according to several observers.

Louis-Philippe MBADINGA