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Equatorial Guinea COVID-19- 4,990 cases; 83 deaths

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    1,306 cases; 12 deaths:


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      Equatorial Guinea attributes spread to population behavior
      The President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang, pointed out the population's failure to comply with sanitary measures as the main cause of the spread of covid-19 in the country, rejecting failures in the Government's response to the pandemic.
      Equatorial Guinea attributes spread to population behavior
      News to the Minute
      16/06/20 13:53 ‧ 5 hours ago by Lusa

      "Despite the Government's great concern to protect the population through confinement, we have unfortunately seen the lack of appreciation of citizens by not observing the rules dictated" by the commission to fight covid-19, said Teodoro Obiang.

      In a message, released on Monday, to signal the lifting of the state of emergency and the easing of containment measures after four months, Teodoro Obiang considered that the executive "never failed to fulfill its responsibilities to protect the population", prolonging " so often "health emergency measures.

      Since Monday, Equatorial Guinea has lifted the state of health emergency throughout the country, with the end of mandatory confinement and mobility restrictions between the capital Malabo and Bata, in the continental part of the country, cities where most of the cases.

      The remaining districts will have mobility limited to their areas.

      All public establishments will be open and mandatory use of masks in general is instituted (open spaces, public services, public transport and in private vehicles with more than one person).

      When lifting the restriction measures, the head of state warned of the "double-edged sword" that represents the end of the state of emergency.

      "This lifting of the state of emergency is a double-edged sword that the population must know how to handle because non-compliance with the rules can cause a massive spread of the pandemic with harmful consequences in terms of loss of life," he said.

      "From now on, the Government will not oblige any citizen to confinement, but it is up to citizens to isolate themselves so as not to be infected. The responsibility and security of our lives is in our hands," he added.

      Teodoro Obiang, who has been confined at home since the beginning of the state of emergency, added that measures to fight the pandemic were lifted because "the people feel asphyxiated by the confinement and severe economic depression".

      "Our economy will reach a negative value this year and this is mainly due to the effect of covid-19, together with the drop in oil prices in international markets. This situation will undoubtedly deteriorate our ability to generate wealth. , to create jobs and to finance the General State Budget ", said Obiang.

      On the other hand, he added, the survey now occurs because "it was possible to supply the national health system with modern and sophisticated equipment" to treat critically ill patients.

      "The Government has bought a lot of equipment and sanitary material to deal with contagion cases due to the new coronavirus, which is why I invite you to have confidence in the hospitals of Malabo and Bata as the most reliable resources when someone feels affected by this terrible pandemic", guaranteed.

      The head of state regretted, on the other hand, "the biased comments of irresponsible people", according to which the country's hospitals "are to blame for the deaths" of covid-19 patients, when in "other high-tech sanitary countries die daily thousands of people".

      "It is not fair that when a person is ill at home, without going to the hospital, and when at the last moment he dies in a medical center, the responsibility is placed on health professionals and health centers," he said.

      The authorities' response to the covid-19 pandemic has been the target of strong opposition from the Ecuadorian-Guinean opposition, which criticized the measures of lack of confidence and accused the executive of "a negative attitude" and of trying to hide the true dimension of the pandemic in the country.

      Alleged disagreements over the disclosure of the numbers are responsible for the request for the replacement of the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) by the Malabo authorities.

      According to the most recent data update on the impact of the pandemic in the country, Equatorial Guinea has recorded 1,664 positive cases and 32 deaths.


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        2001 cases; 32 deaths:


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          Covid-19: Equatorial Guinea registers 3071 infected, 842 recovered and 51 deceased
          The data of the epidemiological evolution have been offered on the afternoon of that Thursday by the coordinator of the secretariat subcommittee and data coordination center, José Osa and the coordinator of epidemiological surveillance and focal point of mass testing, Dr. Diosdado Vicente Nsue Milam.
          By Ahoraeg
          July 3, 2020

          Equatorial Guinea has already registered 3,071 positive cases of coronavirus since the detection of the first case on March 14, 2020, among them, 842 patients have recovered from the disease and 51 patients have died, data that was confirmed this afternoon by those responsible for statistics from the technical committee for surveillance and response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Equatorial Guinea. "If we do not know the figures on the evolution of the pandemic, we cannot fight it," said José Osa.

          Since the last appearance of the Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Salomón Nguema Owono before the media on May 15, the committee had not reported again on the situation and the evolution of the pandemic in the country. According to José osa, coordinator of the data coordination center, "the information from the coronavirus case data caused a feeling of panic to the population", so they devised the strategy of not over-informing the population and avoiding phobia, "It is not that we stop reporting, but that we try to redirect the strategy of how to better report, to report within the normal range so that they can know how to digest that information."

          Osa has assured that soon, health will continue to offer the data on the pandemic in the country in a newsletter, so that the population knows what the current situation of the coronavirus is in the country.

          After the first phase of the de-escalation, the Technical Committee launched the massive test campaign on June 15, in order to find out the epidemiological status of the country, today 2,547 tests have been carried out in Malabo, including 243 cases positive. "The goal is for each positive case to be aware that it must fight for its survival first, then avoid infecting others," said Nsue Milam. For mass testing according to protocol, 3 fixed posts have been installed in the neighborhoods of Ela Nguema, Buena Esperanza and Santa María III, and a mobile team that runs through the different administrative entities,

          The "low number" of positive cases has surprised the committee due to the forecasts made by the WHO, two months ago, the world health organization predicted that the country would reach 10,000 infected. The committee ensures that the measures of confinement and social distancing have been effective in that fight. Therefore, "the massive testing has shown us that the population is aware of the pandemic," says Dr. Diosdado Vicente Nsue.

          In general terms, the Insular Region of the country continues to be the most affected by the coronavirus, due to the higher number of registered infections, calculated at 70%, while the continental region stands at 30%.

          The committee assures that this difference is due to the fact that more tests have been carried out in Malabo than in Bata, so "it does not mean that naturally there are more infected in Malabo than Bata", states the statistician of the technical committee.


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            There is no change in the official figures.


            WHO denies its representative falsified Equatorial Guinea COVID-19 data

            PARIS (Reuters) - The World Health Organization (WHO) said the expulsion of its representative in Equatorial Guinea followed a “misunderstanding over data” and denied that she had falsified the central African nation’s COVID-19 case numbers.

            The Equatorial Guinea government asked WHO on May 26 to immediately replace the representative, Triphonie Nkurunziza, and the prime minister later told lawmakers that she had inflated the number of COVID-19 cases.
            “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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              Source: equatorial/

              Covid 19: 4,821 positive cases of coronavirus since the appearance of the pandemic in Equatorial Guinea
              As of July 28, there are a total of 83 deaths from coronavirus, with a mortality rate of 1.7%
              For now
              July 31, 2020

              Covid 19: 4,821 positive cases of coronavirus since the appearance of the pandemic in Equatorial Guinea
              At a press conference chaired by the Vice Minister of Health Mitoha Ondo'o Ayekaba and which began with the donation made by the WHO of 4,000 histopes for the test, 120 SIM cards and fuel for the vehicles of the Committee, the Vice Minister of Health has revealed the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Equatorial Guinea

              According to data provided by the Technical Committee for Surveillance and Response to COVID-19, today in Equatorial Guinea a total of 44,356 PCR tests have been carried out, of which 4,821 coronavirus positives have been confirmed. 2,182 have recovered satisfactorily, 83 have died and there are a total of 2,556 active cases.


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                Source: and-83-deceased-persons /

                Equatorial Guinea accumulates 4,892 positive cases of coronavirus, 1,958 active cases, 2,713 recovered and 83 deaths
                The data has been updated today by the Coronavirus Surveillance and Response Technical Committee, coordinated by the acting vice minister of health, Mitoha Ondo Ayekaba
                By NowEG
                August 19, 2020

                Since the confirmation of the first case of coronavirus in the country, at the beginning of last March, to August 13, according to the data updated on the day of this Wednesday, August 19 by health, Equatorial Guinea has registered a total of 4892 positive cases.

                Of the 4,892 confirmed cases, 3,633 have been placed in isolation in licensed hotels or hospitals, 2,713 of them recovered and 83 died. The fatality rate is 1.7, close to the average for the African region. Isolated active cases (in hospitals or hotels) amount to 699, and the total number of active cases (including asymptomatic isolated in their homes) amounts to 1958. A total of 429 toilets have been infected and 3 have died.

                The acting vice minister of health, Mitoha Ondo Ayekaba, has stated that despite the inconveniences and moral damages suffered as a result of the covid-19, "our country is moving towards very encouraging results, looking at the indicators of the latest published reports . Today, the country has a ratio of 3.6 tests performed per 1000, which places us globally in almost one of the best countries in terms of test availability, the positivity rate is around 4.1% ”.

                The results of these latest reports are showing a downward curve of the indicators, with a significant increase in the number of tests carried out per day at the national level, thanks to the efforts of the Government through the technical committee.

                Ondo Ayekaba has been very insistent that "For Equatorial Guinea to be declared a coronavirus-free country depends on the level of collective responsibility", referring to the fact that non-responsible behavior is observed on the part of the population.

                "We must consider that we are facing a danger of possible outbreaks that can cause much more damage to the population", for this, "we ask for the collaboration of all so that we are responsible and thus be able to continue saving lives."

                The acting member of the Government has also taken advantage of the occasion for the official launch of the institutional website of the Ministry of Health ( in order to guarantee greater access to the population of the activities of that ministerial department in general and the covid-19 in particular.

                “The objective of the Ministry is to make health information available to all Equatorial Guineans in real time, with content on all General Directorates, and with a special section dedicated to Covid-19, since it is the current emergency. The page will gradually and dynamically enrich itself ”.

                Mitoha thanked the people of Equatorial Guinea for their patience and solidarity.


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                  4,926 cases: 83 deaths:


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                    4,990 cases; 83 deaths: