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Côte d'Ivoire - 8 children died of unknown disease in Djadoubango - due to pneumococcal meningitis and malaria

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    Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene
    20h ·


    Following the deaths that occurred in Djandoubango, a village in the Tanda health district, the Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage through the Director of the National Institute of Public Hygiene (INHP ) hosted a press briefing this Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

    It was for the Director of the National Institute of Public Hygiene, Professor BENIE BI VROH to provide clarification on these different cases of death.

    After taking the samples, the results obtained showed that the death of these people was not mystical but due to cases of pneumococcal meningitis and malaria.

    Faced with this situation, Professor BENIE BI VROH, on behalf of the MinisterPierre N'gou Dimba reassured public opinion that the development of this situation had been brought under control. Control that involves strengthening epidemiological surveillance (displaying case definitions, building the capacity of agents to recognize suspected cases of meningitis, active case finding, making collection tools available to health agents. ..), the pre-positioning of incoming drugs and especially antibiotics in the health district of tanda, the sensitization of the populations on the symptoms of meningitis and preventive measures.

    Ministère de la Santé et de l'Hygiène Publique. 256,286 likes · 2,328 talking about this · 6,679 were here. le décret n° 2016-598 du 3 Août 2016, portant organisation du Ministère de la Santé, de...


    An epidemic of meningitis kills 5 in the north-east of Côte d'Ivoire

    Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Top News Africa) An epidemic of meningitis caused the death of five children in the locality of Djadoubango in the department of Tanda (349 km to the North-East), learned the news agency Top News Africa, Wednesday, from official sources.

    According to Pr Bénié Bi Vroh Joseph, Director General of the National Institute of Public Hygiene (INHP), among the five deaths, “the results of the analysis of the samples showed a case of pneumococcal meningitis, three cases of TD positive, which is suggestive of malaria and a case whose origin is still unknown,'' he explained to the press.

    According to Pr Bénié, 15 children hospitalized at the General Hospital of Tanda present, for the most part, an attack of malaria whose evolution is “favourable”. “The situation is therefore under control,” he reassured.

    HS/ls/Top News Africa

    Posted on Wednesday January 25th, 2023

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    Posted on Tuesday January 24th, 2023 | AIP

    The MP for Tanda visits the sick victims of a presumed epidemic of meningitis in Djadoubango

    Tanda - The deputy of Tanda, Kouanda Inouss visited the general hospital of his locality, the patients suspected of being affected by an epidemic of meningitis in Djadoubango.

    “It is worrying. But, for what we have seen these two days, we can hope” declared the Honorable Kouanda Inouss,

    “The political and administrative authorities and the government are hard at work to find a definitive solution to this situation,” he said.

    A total of 09 children from Djadoubango are observed in the services of the general hospital of Tanda. Seven cases of death already linked to this presumed epidemic of meningitis have been reported, it is known.

    "As things stand, we can speak of a suspected meningitis epidemic after the analyzes we have already done, but we have to wait for confirmation from those who are already at the Pasteur Institute in Abidjan to be able to put on place a real response", underlined, Monday January 23, 2023, the director of this hospital structure, Ayié Serge.

    Deploring the situation, Mr. Ayié invited the populations to serenity and especially to attend the nearest health centers as soon as signs such as headaches, fever, neck pain occur.

    "I leave satisfied because I know that there is a surveillance set up in the health areas closest to the village and I saw the team of the health district mobilized" concluded the Honorable Kouanda Inouss.


    Tanda - Le député de Tanda, Kouanda Inouss a rendu visite à l'hôpital général de sa localité, aux malades soupçonnés d'être touchés par une épidémie de la méningite à Djadoubango.

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  • Côte d'Ivoire - 8 children died of unknown disease in Djadoubango - due to pneumococcal meningitis and malaria

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    This article was published on: 23/01/23 16:30 GMT

    Côte d'Ivoire-AIP/ A series of deaths affects adolescents in Djadoubango


    Tanda, Jan 23, 2023 (AIP) - A series of deaths whose causes remain unknown at this time has affected, for two weeks, the inhabitants of the village of Djadoubango, a locality located 12 kilometers from Tanda, in the Gontougo region.

    According to the testimonies collected from the bereaved families, eight deceased persons have an age which varies between nine and 18 years. She presented symptoms which were characterized by high body temperature, headache, vomiting before sudden death.

    These losses of human life “never recorded” in this area arouse the indignation and questions of the inhabitants. “At first we thought it was natural deaths. Since January 8, 2023, we have recorded eight deaths of children in this village”, underlined the president of the village youth, Kouassi Kra Bertin. The last case occurred on Saturday January 21, 2023.

    Adama Djakalia Ouattara, father of two deceased children, the last of whom died on Saturday January 21, 2023, expressed his dismay. “Yesterday, it was Kossonou Mariam (10 years old in CE1 class) and today, Kossonou Moussa (15 years old in CM2 class). I'm scared and I don't know which saint to turn to,” he lamented.

    Faced with this situation, a medical team from the Tanda health district took samples from the scene of the tragedy and sent them to Abidjan to collect additional information.

    While awaiting the results of the analyses, the consternation is total and parents have asked their children not to go to school, we learned on the spot.

    With a population of around 500, this village does not have a health centre. It is located between two health areas including Siasso (03 km) and Tangamourou (04 km).