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The Minister of Health welcomes the fight against epidemics in the DRC in 2022

By cdn-January 4, 2023083

Kinshasa, January 4, 2023 (ACP).- The Minister of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention, Dr. Jean-Jacques Mbungani, as part of the 2023 New Year festivities, welcomed the fight led in 2022 on the national territory against epidemics by health personnel, reports a press release from the Ministry of Health sent to the ACP on Wednesday.

The health authority has, in its message of wishes for health, prosperity, happiness and peace addressed to the actors of its sector, encouraged the latter who have spared no effort to stem the epidemics on Congolese soil at the cost of their sacrifices.

Dr. Mbungani, on this occasion, assessed and presented the epidemiological situation throughout the country. The DRC has faced several epidemics, including cholera in the health zones (ZS) located all around the internal lakes, 95% of the cases of which are distributed in the provinces of North Kivu (ZS of Nyiragongo which is currently facing outbreaks) and South Kivu in the HZs of Ruzizi, Kamituga, Uvira and Tanganyika.

The measles epidemic which rages in 219 HZs across the 26 provinces of the country and that of Monkey Pox (monkey pox) which is more active in Sankuru and Maniema as well as typhoid fever in Kwango, poliomyelitis in the eastern parts , South-East and North-East of the DRC and the flu coupled with Covid-19 which are also part of these calamities.

In this perspective, the flu symptoms that have been raging in recent days in the DRC, particularly in large cities, are linked to the seasonal flu virus (H3N1). It is not about Covid-19 which, moreover, has maintained a downward trend in the DRC and Africa for more than 6 consecutive weeks. The Minister of Health emphasizes a single watchword to remember: the vaccine effectively protects against Covid-19.

The work done by the MCZs and their teams on appreciated terrain

Minister Mbungani congratulated the Head Doctors of Health Zones (MCZ) and their teams on the ground for the work done, which is the basis for strengthening the resilience of the health system and protecting communities from these epidemics.

On the same occasion, a vibrant tribute was paid to all front-line personnel across the Republic for their tireless commitment to guaranteeing the well-being of the population and for the coordinated response which made it possible to quickly stem the propagation of certain epidemics in the various HZs.

Dr Jean-Jacques Mbungani, who also promised to continue his fight for the improvement of the working conditions and lives of health professionals, expressed his wish to support them in order to help them contain the spread of diseases by focusing on infection prevention and control as well as community access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Kinshasa, 4 janvier 2023 (ACP).- Le ministre de la Santé publique, Hygiène et Prévention, le Dr Jean-Jacques Mbungani a, dans le cadre des festivités de nouvel an 2023, salué la lutte menée en 2022 sur le territoire national contre les épidémies  par le personnel de santé, rapporte un communiqué du ministère…