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  • DRC: 2021 Plague

    Ituri: at least 527 cases of plague with 32 deaths notified in 8 health zones


    In Ituri province, the bubonic and pulmonary plagues that have resurfaced in recent months have already reached about 8 health zones with a significant increase in cases.
    According to the provincial health minister who announced this Saturday, February 20, 2021 to Bunia Actualit?, at least 527 cases have already been notified, including 32 deaths.
    The rat has been identified as the main vector of this epidemic.
    “Apart from the flea, we also found even lice and other rodents which may be the reservoir for this epidemic,” explained Patrick Karamura.
    According to him, the area of ​​Biringi in Aru territory is the most infected with more than 300 cases.
    Minister Karamura said he feared the rapid spread of the epidemic in the Aru region, this following the presence of many South Sudanese refugees.
    “We have 13,000 South Sudanese refugees and more than 5,000 displaced people living there. So there is overcrowding in this region and that poses a lot of problems for us. There are a lot of cases in Biringi that really require a strong and urgent intervention, ”he says.
    It must be said that the health zones of Rethy and Linga located in Djugu territory have always been considered the epicenter of this deadly epidemic.


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      Bubonic Plague: 11 Die in Congo After Vomiting Blood, as New Outbreak Spreads
      By Trishna Das
      May 27, 2021 13:50 +08

      The Bubonic Plague has killed 11 people in the latest worrisome Black death surge in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least 15 cases of the devastating disease have been reported between April 23 and May 8 in Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which recently fought with another epidemic, called 'Ebola' in recent years.

      The director of Ituri's Provincial Health Department (DPS), Dr. Luis Tshulo said that the Bubonic plague victims showed symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, and ultimately vomiting blood. The first case of the plague was reported in the Bukachele health zone, where a woman was reported dead from the infection.

      "A week later, on April 30, a 30-year-old man also died after showing the same kind of symptoms. On May 8, there was another man who died. We were alerted when there were already five deaths in this health area in the same family," Dr. Tshulo said...


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        Week 28: 05 - 11 July 2021
        Data as reported by: 17:00; 11 July 2021


        Plague Democratic Replublic of the Congo
        (Ituri Province)

        117 Cases
        13 Deaths
        11.1% CFR


        Plague is endemic to the north-east areas of the Democratic
        Republic of the Congo (DRC) where cases were reported for the
        first time in 1928. Records show that there have sporadic cases
        since March 2019. From 1 January 2021 to 20 June 2021, there
        have been a total of 117 suspected cases of bubonic and pulmonary
        plague and 13 deaths (case fatality rate (CFR): 11.1%) reported in
        Ituri province from 8 health zones.

        On 22 April 2021, a woman over 50 years old died experiencing
        symptoms of headache, fever, cough, and respiratory discomfort
        within Fataki health zone of the north-eastern province of Ituri
        which shares a border with Uganda. During the next 4 weeks, 10
        deaths were recorded in Fataki suspected to be due to pneumonic
        plague. The patients presented with headache, fever, chills,
        coughing sometimes with blood, shortness of breath, and vomiting
        blood. Though the disease is endemic in the region, cases of plague
        had not previously been reported in Fataki for more than a decade.
        The endemic nature of the disease in this region is linked to more
        cases in the rainy seasons (from March-May then July-November),
        harvest seasons, and its peri-forest environment leading to the
        presence of peri-domestic rodents that can carry the plague bacillus
        and rodent fleas that transmit plague.

        A rapid response team conducted an investigation, during which
        suspected cases and personal contacts were identified. The team
        found that from 22 April to 28 May 2021, 28 suspected cases of
        pneumonic plague and 12 deaths (CFR: 44.0%) had been reported
        in Fataki (27) and Drodro (1) health zones. In Fataki, three health
        areas had reported cases including Bule, Bukatchele, and Salama
        while Drodro health area reported one case in Drodro. One
        suspected case was a displaced person from a nearby protected
        village. A total of 641 personal contacts were listed during the
        investigation for monitoring. By 20 June 2021, Fataki had reported
        a total of 37 cases of bubonic and pulmonary plague with 12 deaths
        (CFR: 32.4%).

        According to country reports, an average of 114 cases were
        reported between 2013-2020 where an upsurge in cases and
        geographical extensions have been increasingly noted since 2019.
        The most cases reported during these years was in 2020 where the
        total of number of cases reached more than 450.


        There are ongoing engagements with different partners on the
        ground supporting the Ministry of Health with epidemiological
        investigations and other response measures.

        The provincial health division developed a working case
        definition and is currently monitoring surveillance activities.
        Personal contacts were monitored and given preventative
        treatment to stop further spread of disease.

        Medical treatment and infection prevention and control
        materials were prepositioned to the affected areas.

        Active community risk messaging is ongoing in the affected

        Decontamination efforts in health facilities and households of
        affected communities was conducted.

        Dignified and secure burials were carried out by partners.


        A cluster of deaths due to suspected pneumonic plague were
        recorded in the health zone of Fataki, Ituri province, Democratic
        Republic of the Congo in April-May 2021. While plague is endemic
        in Ituri province, the Fataki health zone had not reported cases in
        the previous 10 years. Following an investigation in Fataki health
        zone, 28 suspected pneumonic plague cases including 12 deaths
        were recorded from 22 April to 28 May 2021. As of 20 June 2021,
        a total of 117 suspected plague cases (bubonic and pulmonary)
        and 13 deaths (case fatality rate: 11.1%) were reported from eight
        health zones in Ituri province.
        "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
        -Nelson Mandela


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          Posted on August 6, 2021 by Lee Jay
          Plague hits Ituri Province in the DRC with a CFR rate of 11.1 percent
          Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi
          Modern Tokyo Times

          The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is witnessing a high number of plague cases in the province of Ituri. Historically, the bubonic plague conjures extreme images of a potent menace killing vast numbers of people. However, while no longer the killer disease of distant centuries, it is still killing at a high incident rate when cases emerge in the DRC...

          ...In the province of Ituri, the plague has been reported 117 times in the first six months of this year. Of these cases, 13 deaths are known to have occurred from either bubonic or pulmonary plague. Therefore, the case fatality rate (CFR) is 11.1 overall in the province of Ituri.

          However, the CFR rate in the health zone of Fataki is even higher. Of the 37 known cases this year, 12 people have died. Thus the CFR rate is 32.4 percent. Equally worrying, the plague didn’t occur in this health zone in the last decade...


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            Tension grips West Nile as deadly plague ravages DR Congo
            Tuesday August 24 2021
            By Franklin Draku
            More by this Author


            The infectious disease, also known as the Black Death, has claimed at least 50 lives in DR Congo. This has left residents on the whole stretch of the borderline from Koboko to Zombo districts on tenterhooks.

            Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) share a border that straddles 877kms. Nearly one fourth of the borderline is in the West Nile Sub-region where locals have recently been casting worried glances following a bubonic plague outbreak.

            The infectious disease, also known as the Black Death, has claimed at least 50 lives in DR Congo. This has left residents on the whole stretch of the borderline from Koboko to Zombo districts on tenterhooks.

            The two districts — along with Arua and Maracha — hug the contours of Aru territory in Ituri Province where 12 deaths and 117 suspected cases have been registered.
            A source on Arua District surveillance team told this newspaper that although no case has been confirmed in Uganda, caution remains the byword...


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              Bubonic plague kills 44 children in DRC’s Ituri province
              Sunday September 05 2021
              By Daily Nation

              At least 44 children have died in Ituri province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following an outbreak of bubonic plague, a UNICEF report has revealed.

              The information delivered on September 3, 2021, by the United Nations mission in the DRC in its news report was confirmed by DRC’s Ministry of Health.

              In this report, UNICEF says it is "increasingly concerned about the impact on children of the resurgence of the bubonic plague in the province of Ituri in Democratic Republic of the Congo"....