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Central African Republic - Monkeypox outbreak 2018

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  • Central African Republic - Monkeypox outbreak 2018

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    Central African Republic: Monkeypox threatens Ouaka and Haute-Kotto regions


    BANGUI, March 13, 2018 (RJDH) - Monkeypox or monkey pox is becoming a public health threat in the Central African Republic. Two cases are confirmed at Ippy in Ouaka by the Pasteur Institute of Bangui.

    For the third consecutive year, cases of infection with the monkeypox virus have just been confirmed during the first trimester of the current year in southeastern CAR by the Pasteur Institute of Bangui (IPB) in a context in which the country is exposed to several public health problems.

    "The Pasteur Institute of Bangui has confirmed two cases of infection with the Monkeypox virus on blood samples and sent by the WHO focal point, Dr. Arsène Dominique Konzelo, in the sub-prefecture of Ippy. in Ouaka in the South-East of the Central African Republic, "says IPB.

    For the Pasteur Institute in Bangui, the first case, a 29-year-old fisherman living in Djama Ngoundji village, presented rashes all over his body. All he knows is that he was in contact with fish infected with Aphanomy cesinvadans that had ulcerations on the body, unrelated to the monkeypox infection.

    The second case, according to the Institut Pasteur in Bangui, is a 50-year-old woman living in Kopia village, on the site of the displaced, who also presented rashes all over her body, with the exception of the palm of the hands.

    This reference laboratory indicates that investigations are underway to try to understand the source of the contamination.

    Humanitarian sources have learned that another case of Monkeypox virus was discovered at a displaced people's site in Bria near Ippy last week. All three cases are still under medical supervision at the Bria hospital.

    The "Monkeypox" virus is a highly contagious disease characterized by large skin rashes. This disease was detected for the first time in humans in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the fifth time she appears in the Central African Republic. The first time was in Mbomou in 2001, the second time in Haute Kotto in 2014, in 2016, and in 2017 and this time in 2018 in Ouaka and Haute-Kotto.
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    OMS CentrafriqueVerified account @OMSCentrafrique Mar 17 More

    RCA Health Minister Dr SOMSE today declared an outbreak of Monkeypox. In total, 08 cases all from the sub-prefecture of Ippy: 3 cases quarantined at the hospital in Bria, 5 suspected cases in Ippy, 2 cases would still be on the IDP site of the Catholic Church

    WHO African Region, OMS WHO NIGER, WHO Sierra Leone and 4 others

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
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      RCA / IPPY: Health Minister Dr. Pierre SOMSE confirms 8 cases recorded in 15 days of a case of an outbreak of monkey pox "MONKEY-POX"

      By Patrick - March 21, 20180181
      Bangui, March 21, 2018

      It was last Saturday, March 17, 2018, that Dr. Pierre SOMSE, Minister of Public Health and Population, made a statement to the press in the Conference Room of the World Health Organization (WHO) about of the monkey pox epidemic called "MONKEY-POX" which is currently rife in the city of IPPY located about 500 km from Bangui the Central African capital.

      During this meeting with media professionals, the N ° 1 Health Officer confirmed an outbreak of monkey pox "Monkey-Pox" which is particularly prevalent at IPPY. Thus, Dr. Pierre SOMSE, located the audience in these terms: "I have the honor to bring to your attention that the Ministry of Health and Population has just confirmed an epidemic of monkeypox commonly called Monkey-Pox in the health district of Bambari and more precisely in the sub-prefecture of IPPY. Monkey pox is characterized by rashes containing pus and disseminated all over the body including the hands and mouth. All accompanied by fever and ganglia.

      The transmission of the disease is done by contact with sick animals (monkeys, rodents such as Gambia rats and squirrels, the disease is usually spread by direct contact between the patient and relatives and by the respiratory tract. Sick pregnant mother can also transmit to her child that incubation time ie the period between infection and manifestation of the disease is usually 5 to 21 days.

      To date, 8 cases have been recorded in 15 days since 02 March. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported. Of 8 cases, 3 were screened in Bria among patients coming from Ippy in search of care, five were detected among the displaced at the Ippy health center and all of these patients come from different locations in the Sub-Prefecture. of Ippy ". Continuing his remarks Minister SOMSE affirmed that: "Confirmation at the Laboratory is necessary for the diagnosis of monkey pox. In CAR this confirmation is made by the Pasteur Institute of Bangui. The Minister of Health and Population in collaboration with technical partners (WHO), COHEB, MSF, IMS, OCHA) has set up a response mechanism to control the epidemic.

      The measures taken include active case monitoring, case management and sensitization of local communities. It should be recalled that this epidemic is not the first of its kind, the previous epidemic episodes were recorded in Basse-Kotto, Mbomou, Haute Kotto and Lobaye. Therefore, I send a strong call to all, to be vigilant and to direct without delay towards the nearest health facility, any person presenting a brutal fever with appearance of rashes on the skin or to announce the case agents health of your locality. In addition, I ask you to avoid handling dead animals found in the bush and practice routine handwashing. "

      It should be noted in passing that the Minister of Health, Dr Pierre SOMSE, made this statement in the presence of his closest collaborators, among others, the Communication Adviser Augustin DIBERT and the Interim Representative of WHO Dr ITAMA and Dr Thomas D ' AQUIN KOYAZEGBE.

      Hervé Binah,


      CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Humanitarian Overview (as of March 19)

      HUMANITARIAN SUMMARY from March 12 to 18, 2018
      Center Area
      Eastern Zone

      Prefecture of Ouaka and Haute-Kotto / sub-prefectures of Ippy and Bria / Ippy and Bria

      Health: On March 17, the Ministry of Health and Population declared an outbreak of Monkey Pox in the sub-prefecture of Ippy. Six suspected cases of smallpox were notified at the health center of Ippy (about 110 km north-east of Bambari). These cases complement the 3 others reported last week in Bria, of which 2 were confirmed after sample analysis in Bangui. The 3 cases of Bria have already been placed in isolation and supported with the support of humanitarian actors.

      In Ippy, however, although the management of suspected cases is ensured with the support of a humanitarian partner, the implementation of isolation of these is not yet effective due to lack of space in the health facility. On March 16, the health prefecture went to Ippy to take samples for analysis in Bangui. In addition to the ongoing care by health actors, a humanitarian partner is deploying in the area for a health risk assessment and exploring opportunities for strengthening the response.
      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
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        Outbreaks and Emergencies Bulletin, Week 13: 24 - 30 March 2018

        Monkeypox Central African Republic



        On 17 March 2018, the Ministry of Health officially declared an outbreak of
        monkeypox in Bambari district, more specifically in the sub-district of Ippy. The
        index case devloped symptoms on 2 March 2018. The last suspected case was
        notified on 16 March 2018. As of 25 March 2018, a total of eight cases with zero
        deaths (case fatality rate 0%) have been reported since the start of the outbreak.
        Four of the eight cases (50%) were male; all cases were over 5 years of age. As
        of 25 March 2018, three patients were hospitalized.

        Laboratory samples were collected from all patients and have been tested by
        Institut Pasteur in Bangui. Six of the eight suspected cases have tested positive
        for monkeypox virus. One contact of a case developed suspicious lesions and
        laboratory confirmation is pending.


        The Ministry of Health is responding to the outbreak with the support
        of partners including WHO, COHEB, MSF, IMC and OCHA; regular crisis
        meetings have been conducted by the Coordinating Committee at the
        central level (MOH, WHO, UNICEF, MSF, OCHA).

        The response plan to monkeypox is being updated.

        MSF-Spain has established an isolation site with a ten-bed capacity for
        case management.

        Free healthcare is being offered to affected patients.

        Regular follow-up of contacts of confirmed cases is ongoing.

        The case definition has been distributed in health facilities to facilitate notification of suspected cases.

        Social mobilization and awareness campaigns are ongoing and include radio broadcasts and press releases in daily newspapers.


        The Central African Republic has experienced outbreaks of monkeypox in the past, notably in the areas of Basse Kotto, Haute Kotto, Mbomou, and Lobaye. The current
        outbreak should therefore be closely monitored. Risk communication and community mobilization are essential in order to prevent further spread of the outbreak.
        However, the security situation has deteriorated since 20 March 2018, thus reducing access to the affected areas and causing MSF to cease its activities in the city of

        "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
        -Nelson Mandela


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          April 13, 2018 - Could the Mbomou and Lobaye prefectures be the epicenter of monkeypox in the Central African Republic

          The Pasteur Institute of Bangui has once again confirmed a case of monkeypox on samples of crust and serum from a patient sent by the NGO AÏM based in Rafaï hospital.

          After the emergence of cases of monkeypox confirmed less than a month ago in 6 patients in the Ippy Sub-Prefecture, another case has just been confirmed in the Rafaï sub-prefecture in the Mbomou and border with the DRC.

          The confirmed case, a 31-year-old trader from Dembia village, Rafaï sub-prefecture, said he became ill two weeks after buying, transporting and consuming a rodent of the genus Thryonomys swinderianus, locally known as Sibissi with lesions on the skin.

          According to Dr. Emmanuel Nakouné, Scientific Director of the IPB: Given the many factors that can affect the transmission of monkeypox, it is essential to enrich the current knowledge of the disease and strengthen the preparation efforts.

          By admin | April 16th, 2018 |

          Central African Republic: outbreak of monkeypox in the extreme south-east

 2018-04-27 05:07:48

          BANGUI, April 26 (Xinhua) - Eight cases of monkey pox have been reported in the Central African city of Rafaï (far southeast), killing one person, local representative Benjamin Zanga-Bérou told Xinhua Thursday. .

          The first proven cases, according to Mr. Bérou, appeared at the end of March in the locality. Some samples examined at the Institut Pasteur laboratory in the Central African capital Bangui confirmed the existence of the pathology.

          To help the population, a small team has been dispatched from the Central African city of Bangassou to Rafaï, to raise awareness of the population to avoid new infections, and deals with cases proved the epidemic.

          Monkey pox is a viral disease with symptoms similar to those of smallpox, manifesting itself in men with rashes and high fever, and causing many deadly ravages among young children.

          "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
          -Nelson Mandela