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Senegal - Hepatitis E outbreak in Kedougou

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  • Senegal - Hepatitis E outbreak in Kedougou

    <SMALL>Location of Kédougou in Senegal</SMALL>

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    Hepatitis E wreaks havoc in Kédougou: 19 dead including 12 pregnant women

    While the area is on high alert against hemorrhagic fever Ebola, hepatitis E is wreaking havoc in Kédougou. Since March, the toll is heavy with 19 dead, including 12 pregnant women. "Early in the disease, we were treating yellow fever," said the head doctor of the region, Dr Habib Ndiaye indicating that it took the Department of Health to ask for more research to identify the disease. The Gold washing operations indexed.

    Health authorities in the Kédougou are on high alert since the onset of viral hepatitis E, a euro-fecal disease; therefore due to water. Already 19 deaths have been recorded including 12 pregnant women. Since March, Kédougou started recording cases of hepatitis E.

    Having features of resemblance with yellow fever and "misunderstood from a good numbers of Senegalese and the medical community." The chief doctor of the region, Dr. Habib Ndiaye, informs that in early onset "medical personnel treated yellow fever." "It took samples sent at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar to identify the disease. It is following these analyzes that the results were negative for yellow fever, "he said.

    Today, 60 cases of yellow fever have proved negative. According to Dr. Ndiaye, "medical staff was baffled initially in the management of the disease given the features of resemblance symptomatic with yellow fever." "It took the Department of Health to seize the Pasteur Institute to request further research to identify the disease. It's on completion of the research that the technicians of the Pasteur Institute have discovered that it was viral hepatitis E. Since January, 265 cases of analysis were sent to the Pasteur Institute. Only the results of sixty cases have been returned ​​by the Institute Pasteur, "he laments. "We are in a context of hepatitis E epidemic especially that among the 19 deaths , 7 are among the results that have been reported as positive by the Pasteur Institute and 12 from which results have not been returned, "added the doctor.

    On the onset of the disease, Dr. Ndiaye indexes the traditional sites of panning for gold as Kharakhéna and Tenkoto which are experiencing a population explosion. "Regarding the health sector, the closure of panning for gold is beneficial," hopes the chief doctor of the region informing that from March to May, all cases of hepatitis E "came from these sites and a few rare cases from Kedougou city. There also, it is often people who came from panning for gold, "he alert.

    Dié BA
    Saturday August 9 2014 - 12:12
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