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Ebola: Senegal will not open humanitarian corridor to patients

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  • Ebola: Senegal will not open humanitarian corridor to patients

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    Ebola: Senegal will not open humanitarian corridor to patients

    2014-09-10 10:28:59 p.m. GMT

    Dakar, September 10 (APS) - The humanitarian corridor planned in Senegal to allow humanitarian organizations to "assist" the countries of the subregion affected by Ebola outbreak will not take into account the transfer of people with the disease, said the Senegalese Minister of Health and Social Action, Awa Marie Colle Seck Wednesday in Dakar.

    "Patients are excluded from the protocol that we will have with the agencies. International patients will be taken care directly by countries where there are all means" of their treatment, she has told a conference press.

    Senegal has decided to open a humanitarian corridor to allow humanitarian organizations to "provide assistance 'to countries in the sub-region affected by the Ebola outbreak.

    Some humanitarian organizations willing to make Dakar the basis of their medical teams, their equipment and food aid to areas affected by the disease called on Senegal to open a humanitarian corridor.

    All regional offices of UN agencies and NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders are installed Dakar, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health and Social Action.

    The Ouakam (Dakar) military airport will serve as "headquarters" for this humanitarian corridor, says Seck.

    "Every effort [necessary will be deployed] and all measures taken to make it a real corridor, and that there is no risk for the population," assured Awa Marie Coll Seck.
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