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Ebola relapse: could a Liberian woman have survived Ebola twice?

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  • Ebola relapse: could a Liberian woman have survived Ebola twice?

    Ebola Relapse: Could a Liberian Woman Have Survived Ebola Twice?

    October 19th, 2015 by Ebola Deeply

    As the Ebola response community grapples with questions surrounding Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey's possible resurgence of Ebola, we spoke with a Liberian Ebola survivor who believes she experienced a resurgence of the virus last year.

    Gloria, 47, is from the town of Zengo in Lofa county, Liberia. The town was badly hit by the Ebola outbreak last year, and more than 50 people died.
    On August 4, 2014, Ebola infected my entire family. They all died. While caring for them, I got infected with Ebola, too...

    After I had been unable to move for four days due to my illness, a health team finally arrived and took me to the Ebola treatment unit (ETU), where I spent the first 21 days as required and was discharged with a certificate making me free of the virus.

    ...Five days later, after I returned home, I got very sick again: weak, with vomiting and high fever. The health team took me back to the treatment unit again without explaining anything to me as to how I could have got reinfected. So I spent another 21 days at the treatment unit, making me the longest-serving Ebola patient at the ETU in Foya. Then I was discharged and given another certificate....

    There was no explanation about how I could have got reinfected. I don't understand what happened to me. I had two Ebola survivor certificates...
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