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Liberia: Secret Night Burials - Liberia's Health Ministry Alarms Growing

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  • Liberia: Secret Night Burials - Liberia's Health Ministry Alarms Growing
    Stephen D. Kollie

    The Ministry of Health of and Social Welfare has raise a serious alarm over the refusal of people allowing their dead ones to be buried with dignity by health officials but rather, many family members have begun carrying out secret burials at night in their various communities.


    Said Minister Nyenswah: "People are in the night burying secretly being unsafe and they bury these people without any safety. They are not trained to do that and we have health workers that could bury safely with the dignity that is required for the family people. We regret a lot for the loved ones that we lost during this crisis and we are also feeling it to the extent that people cannot perform the rituals, the traditional practices that we all used to perform. But the time is not certified yet for us to revert to those practices when we still having active transmission of the disease."

    The Assistant Health Minister noted that the Ministry is still recording 20-50 new Ebola suspected cases on a daily basis across the country, suggesting that there is active transmission of the Ebola virus disease in Liberia.

    Health workers infected

    The Minister expressed shock that in the past weeks there were low infections in health care workers, but of recent, the situation has changed with more health care workers beginning to get infected again with the Ebola Virus Disease. He many of the health workers that are getting infected are either treating sick patients at home or in the private health facilities in the country.


    Ebola base in Monrovia

    Minister Nyenswah also revealed that the highest number of Ebola ceases is now being reported from Monrovia and that the capital is actively infecting other leeward counties. He said the current hotspots of outbreak in the rest of the fifteen counties are cases that originates from Monrovia

    Minister Nyenswah said: "We want to sound this warning especially to our people in the leeward counties that don't take sick strangers at this time and even if somebody goes into your village, into your community or county, make sure you keep active surveillance on that individual and report that to the county health team so that we can properly follow up that person. And traditional healers also should be careful of people leaving from Monrovia going to the leeward counties for healing when we have ETUs that could accept them."