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Guinea - Ebola outbreak - 2021 - 23 cases including 12 deaths - declared over

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  • Guinea - Ebola outbreak - 2021 - 23 cases including 12 deaths - declared over

    Is Ebola virus disease back in Guinea? In any case, this is what the Gu?ck?dou laboratory thinks, which examined samples taken following four suspicious deaths recorded in Gou?k?, in the N'Z?r?kor? prefecture. The information was confirmed by Dr Sakoba Ke?ta, director general of the National Health Security Agency, interviewed by in the afternoon of this Saturday, February 13, 2021.

    “There is a nurse from Gou?k? who fell ill towards the end of January. She died between 27 and January 28 and was buried on 1 st February to Gou?k?. Among those who attended the funeral, there were 8 people who exhibited signs: diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding. Three of them died and four others are hospitalized in N'Z?r?kor?.

    The last one had escaped, but we caught up with him last night, he is currently in Nongo (Conakry). So we asked our agents to take samples which were sent to the Gu?ck?dou laboratory. This laboratory gave the results of the examinations today around 2 pm; and they think it is Ebola virus disease, ”he said.

    However, health authorities remain cautious for the moment. Dr Sakoba Ke?ta announces that a second test will be carried out in the coming hours in Conakry to verify whether it is indeed Ebola or not. “We asked that we send a sample that will arrive this very evening in Conakry and we also took the patient who is there. We are going to do new examinations because when an illness has just started, we always have to make reconfirmations.

    Tomorrow, around 1 pm, we will have the results to know if this is reconfirmed. In the meantime, my team headed by the DRS (regional health director) of N'Z?r?kor? to identify all the contacts and isolate them, ”said the director general of the National Health Security Agency (ANSS).

    Between the end of 2013 and the end of 2015, the Ebola epidemic officially produced 2,536 out of 3,804 cases recorded in Guinea.
    La maladie ? virus Ebola est-elle de retour en Guin?e?? C’est en tout cas ce que pense le laboratoire de Gu?ck?dou, qui a examin? des pr?l?vements effectu?s ? la suite de quatre d?c?s suspects enregistr?s ? Gou?k?, dans la pr?fecture de N’Z?r?kor?. L’information a ?t? confirm?e par Dr Sakoba Ke?ta, directeur g?n?ral de l’Agence nationale de s?curit? sanitaire, interrog? par dans l’apr?s-midi de ce samedi 13 f?vrier 2021. ??Il y a une infirmi?re de Gou?k? qui est tomb?e malade vers la fin du mois de janvier. Elle est d?c?d?e entre le 27 et le 28 janvier et a ?t? inhum?e le 1er f?vrier ? Gou?k?. Parmi ceux qui ont particip? ? l’enterrement, il y a eu 8 personnes qui ont pr?sent? des signes?: diarrh?es, vomissements et saignements. Trois d’entre eux sont d?c?d?s et quatre autres sont hospitalis?s ? N’Z?r?kor?. Le dernier s’?tait ?chapp?, mais on l’a rattrap? hier soir, il est actuellement ? Nongo (Conakry). Donc, on a demand? ? nos agents de faire des pr?l?vements qui ont ?t?...
    ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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    Guinea: four deaths from Ebola, the first since 2016

    Four people have died of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Guinea, the first reported resurgence of the disease in West Africa, where the worst epidemic in the history of the virus (2013-2016) started, said Saturday (February 13). the Guinean Minister of Health.

    " We are really concerned, there are already four deaths from Ebola hemorrhagic fever in the region of Nz?r?kor? " (South-East) in Forest Guinea, Minister R?my Lamah told AFP, adding that the results of additional analyzes were expected in the coming hours.
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    ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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      two suspected cases tested positive in Gu?ck?dou (ANSS)

      The suspected cases of Ebola hemorrhagic disease tested positive in Gu?ck?dou this Saturday, February 13. The information was confirmed by Sory 2 Keira, communication manager of the National Agency for Health Security (ANSS) joined by phone by Guin?enews.

      Our interlocutor specified that the samples are being sent to Conakry for a second confirmation test as indicated in the protocol.

      “We have a reference laboratory in the forest area, precisely in Gu?ck?dou, which tested the two suspected cases and which revealed a positive result. The protocol indicates that the results must be confirmed in another laboratory. At the moment, the samples are being sent to Conakry for a second laboratory. The samples are urgently awaited to be confirmed or denied. The investigations are in progress, there are patients who are hospitalized in N'Z?r?kor? ”, he confided.
      Les cas suspects de la maladie h?morragique ? virus Ebola ont ?t? test?s positifs ? Gu?ck?dou ce samedi 13 f?vrier. L’information a ?t? confirm?e par Sory 2 Keira, responsable de la communication d…
      ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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        Ebola kills four in Guinea in first resurgence of disease in five years

        Health minister says officials ‘really concerned’ about deaths in south-east region Nzerekore

        Sat 13 Feb 2021 17.32 EST
        Four people have died of Ebola in Guinea in the first resurgence of the disease in five years, the health minister said on Saturday.

        Remy Lamah told AFP officials were “really concerned” about the deaths, the first since a 2013-16 epidemic – which began in Guinea – left 11,300 dead across the region.

        One of the latest victims in Guinea was a nurse who fell ill in late January and was buried on 1 February, National Health Security Agency head Sakoba Keita told local media. “Among those who took part in the burial, eight people showed symptoms: diarrhoea, vomiting and bleeding,” he said. “Three of them died and four others are in hospital.”

        The four deaths from Ebola hemorrhagic fever occurred in the south-east region of Nzerekore, he said.
        Keita also told local media that one patient had “escaped” but had been found and hospitalised in the capital Conakry. ...


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          4 dead 4 hospitalized, unknown on others or runners

          Four Ebola deaths in Guinea, the first since 2016 (official)

          February 13, 2021
          Four people died of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Guinea, the first victims since 2016, the Guinean minister of health said on Saturday.
          It is the first outbreak of the disease in West Africa, where the worst epidemic in the history of this virus emerged, between 2013 and 2016.
          "We are really concerned, there are already four deaths from Ebola hemorrhagic fever in the Nz?r?kor? region," (southeast) in the forested part of Guinea, Minister R?my Lamah told AFP.

          According to the director of the National Health Security Agency, Sakoba Keita, quoted by the Guin?eMatin portal, a nurse fell ill at the end of January and died "between January 27 and 28".
          "Among those who participated in his burial, eight people had symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding. Three died and four others are hospitalized in Nz?r?kor?," Keita explained.
          Keita confirmed these statements to AFP.

          Both he and the Minister of Health indicated that a laboratory in Gu?ck?dou had detected the presence of the Ebola virus in some tests, and that the authorities expect additional test results within a few hours.
          "We take all measures, an alert team is in place to identify contact cases," Lamah told AFP, underlining that there had been "no reappearance [of the virus] since 2016."
          "As a human, I am worried, but I remain calm because we manage the first epidemic and vaccination is possible. There will be a crisis meeting tomorrow," Sunday, added the minister.
          The Ebola virus was first identified in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 1976.
          At the moment, there are two experimental vaccines but there is no treatment capable of curing the virus.


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            Suspicious Ebola cases in Guinea: ANSS clarifies!

            Guinean news ? -

            February 13, 20210

            Information on suspected Ebola cases reported in N'Z?r?kor? prefecture.
            Following a burial, 8 cases of diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding were reported including 3 deaths in the sub-prefecture of Gouek?, 45 km from N'Z?r?kor?.
            Samples were taken and sent to the Labs of Gueckedou and Conakry (haemorrhagic fever).
            4 patients have been isolated at the CTEPI in N'Z?r?kor? since February 11, and one in Conakry on February 12.
            The Gueckedou lab provided a first result revealing the presence of the EBOLA virus.
            A second confirmation is underway at the hemorrhagic fever laboratory in Conakry.
            Case history information:
            It was a nurse from the Gouek? health center who fell ill, she was consulted by the head of the center and referred to N'Z?r?kor? center, she died between January 27 and 28, 2021.
            His burial took place on February 01 in Gouek?.
            It is among the people who took part in this funeral that these 08 cases were counted.
            Taken measures:
            Isolation of all suspected cases at CTEPI N'Z?r?kor? and Conakry.
            Case investigation to clarify data, identify other suspected cases, and identify and isolate all contacts.
            An investigative mission left for Goueke on February 13.

            Initiate steps to acquire vaccines against Ebola from WHO AND CDC with a view to possibly carrying out a vaccination belt in the affected areas.
            A declaration will be made upon re-confirmation.
            Next update Sunday February 14.




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              questioned by Mediaguinee, the Guinean Minister of Health, General-physician R?my Lamah largely returned to the suspected cases of Ebola in N'z?r?kor?, in the south of Guinea. Reaction…
              “For the record, it was yesterday during the day that I was seized by the director of N'Z?r?kor? hospital in relation to suspected cases. Patients they received who showed symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools.

              After the exchanges, I immediately asked them to isolate them. What was done. The DRS called me, we exchanged. They took samples to send for analyzes.

              But long before, in the family which was at the origin of these demonstrations, there is the man named Abraham who had first lost his wife. After his wife, his wife's first son died. And I believe his wife, when she was sick, they took her to a traditional healer who also died. So, the three patients who were admitted to N'Z?r?kor? hospital for the same symptoms were all isolated and samples taken for analysis. One sample was sent to Conakry, the other was sent to Gueck?dou.
              Last night, among the three who were isolated, there is one who died. So, the sample that was sent to Gu?ck?dou, we have just been informed by the DRS to say that the sample was positive for Ebola. But for the sake of caution, we are waiting for the second sample, which has just arrived in Conakry, for the analysis to be made to be able to confront our diagnosis of Ebola, because there must be two examinations which confirm so that we can make a statement. Never mind, all the arrangements have already been taken at N'Z?r?kor? and Gou?ck?.
              As you and I exchange, there is a team made up of DPS and DRS to be able to isolate the family in which these unfortunate events took place.
              The second sample arrived in Conakry an hour ago, it is sure that by tomorrow, in the evening, we will have the results.
              Macir? Camara





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                Ebola resurgence in Gou?ck? / N'Z?r?kor?: Here are the important measures taken by the government

                Amadou Kendessa Diallo -

                February 14, 20210
                In a statement made public on February 14, 2021, the government confirmed the resurgence of Ebola virus disease. After two examinations, the cases were positive. To this end, the government has taken important steps.
                Conakry, February 14, 2021.

                The health authorities of the Ministry of Health were informed by the Prefectural Directorate of Health of N'Z?r?kor? of the detection of suspected cases of Ebola with symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding in people who participated in the burial of 'a nurse from the Gouek? health center.

                She died on January 28, 2021 and her burial took place on February 01 in Gouek?. The first investigation carried out counted 7 cases, all over 25 years old (4 men and 3 women) including 3 cases of death (2 women and 1 man). All cases participated in the funeral of the nurse.

                The first three samples sent to the laboratories of Gueckedou and Conakry were POSITIVE in Ebola.
                Faced with this situation and in application of the international health regulations (IHR), the Guinean government declares an epidemic of Ebola virus disease in the prefecture of N'Z?r?kor?, sub-prefecture of Goueck?.
                A crisis meeting held on February 14, 2021 under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health, in the presence of technical and financial partners, international and national, at the ANSS recommended the following measures:
                • Isolation of all suspected cases at CTEPI N'Z?r?kor? and Conakry;
                • Case investigation to clarify data, identify other suspected cases and identify all contacts to be isolated;
                • Sending of an emergency investigation mission from the central level in support of the local teams in Goueck?;
                • Activation of the coordination and technical commissions of the response to Ebola;
                • Activation of intersectoral coordination through the One Health platform;
                • Supply of sensitization, prevention, diagnostic and care inputs;
                • Opening of a care center for cases detected in Goueck?;
                • Acceleration of procurement of Ebola vaccines from WHO;
                • Implementation of standard RSI procedures.
                The government thanks the technical and financial partners who quickly came forward to express their commitment to the response to this new outbreak of Ebola.
                The government reassures the population that all measures are being taken to stem this epidemic as quickly as possible. It invites the populations of the affected areas to respect hygiene and preventive measures and to report to the health authorities in the presence of suggestive signs (fever, diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding).
                Together we will win!
                The Minister of Health
                General practitioner R?my LAMAH
                Grand Officer of the French Government's National Order of Merit.
                Ministry of Health Guinea




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                  Guinea faces Ebola 'epidemic', health chief says

                  By AFP
                  UPDATED: 09:27 EST, 14 February 2021

                  A top Guinea health official said Sunday that the country has plunged into an Ebola "epidemic situation" with seven cases confirmed in the West African nation, including three deaths.

                  "Very early this morning, the Conakry laboratory confirmed the presence of the Ebola virus," Sakoba Keita said after an emergency meeting in the capital.

                  Health Minister Remy Lamah had earlier spoken of four deaths. It was not immediately clear why the new toll was lower.

                  ....Keita, head of the National Agency for Health Security, said one person had died in late January in Gouecke, southeastern Guinea, near the Liberian border.

                  The victim was buried on February 1 "and some people who took part in this funeral began to have symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting, bleeding and fever a few days later," he said.

                  Samples tested by a laboratory set up by the European Union in Gueckedou, located in the same region, revealed the presence of the Ebola virus in some of them on Friday, said Keita.

                  He added that with a total of seven cases and three deaths, Guinea was now in an "Ebola epidemic situation."

                  - WHO on 'full alert' -

                  WHO representative Alfred George Ki-Zerbo told a press briefing: "We are going to rapidly deploy crucial assets to help Guinea, which already has considerable experience" treating the disease.

                  ....In Guinea's neighbour Liberia, President George Weah put the country's health authorities on heightened alert Sunday.

                  Weah "has mandated the Liberian health authorities and related stakeholders in the sector to heighten the country's surveillance and preventative activities," his office said in a statement.

                  No cases of Ebola had been detected in Liberia so far however, it added....




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                    Guinea declares new Ebola outbreak

                    By Reuters Staff

                    3 MIN READ

                    CONAKRY (Reuters) - Guinea declared a new Ebola outbreak on Sunday, as tests came back positive for the virus after at least three people died and four fell ill in the southeast - the first resurgence of the disease there since the world’s worst outbreak in 2013-2016.
                    The seven patients fell ill with diarrhoea, vomiting and bleeding after attending a burial in Goueke sub-prefecture. Those still alive have been isolated in treatment centres, the health ministry said.

                    It was not clear if the person buried on Feb. 1 had also died of Ebola. She was a nurse at a local health centre who died from an unspecified illness after being transferred for treatment to Nzerekore, a city near the border with Liberia and Ivory Coast.

                    “Faced with this situation and in accordance with international health regulations, the Guinean government declares an Ebola epidemic,” the ministry said in a statement....



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                      WHO- New Ebola outbreak declared in Guinea

                      14 February 2021
                      Brazzaville/Conakry – Health authorities in Guinea today declared an outbreak of Ebola in the rural community of Gou?k? in N’Zerekore prefecture after three Ebola cases were confirmed by the national laboratory, marking the first time the disease has been reported in the country since an outbreak ended in 2016.

                      Initial investigations found that a nurse from the local health facility died on the 28 January 2021. Following her burial, six people who attended the funeral reported Ebola-like symptoms and two of them have died, while the other four have been hospitalized.

                      Guinea was one of the three most-affected countries in the 2014–2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak which was the largest since the virus was first discovered in 1976.

                      “It’s a huge concern to see the resurgence of Ebola in Guinea, a country which has already suffered so much from the disease. However, banking on the expertise and experience built during the previous outbreak, health teams in Guinea are on the move to quickly trace the path of the virus and curb further infections,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Africa. “WHO is supporting the authorities to set up testing, contact-tracing and treatment structures and to bring the overall response to full speed.”

                      During the West African outbreak, WHO and partners supported Guinea to build up its capacity to respond to Ebola and the country has developed crucial expertise. Guinean health workersplayed a key role in supporting the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with its recent outbreaks, with teams of vaccinators helping to train health workers in the DRC.

                      WHO staff are already on the ground. In addition to surveillance they will help with ramping up infection prevention and control of health facilities and other key locations and reaching out to communities to ensure they take a key role in the response. WHO is also supporting the country to procure the Ebola vaccine which has proven instrumental in controlling outbreaks in the DRC.

                      Samples of the confirmed cases have been sent to the InstitutPasteur in Senegal for a full genome sequencing to identify the strain of the Ebola virus.

                      With the epicentre of the current outbreak in a border area, WHO is already working with health authorities in Liberia and Sierra Leone to beef up community surveillance of cases in their border districts as well as strengthening their capacity to test for cases and conduct surveillance in health facilities. WHO is reaching out to Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal and other countries at risk in the sub-region.

                      During the West Africa Ebola outbreak there were 28 000 cases, including 11 000 deaths. The outbreak started in Guinea and then moved across land borders to Sierra Leone and Liberia.

                      For Additional Information or to Request Interviews, Please contact:
                      Collins Boakye-Agyemang

                      Communications and marketing officer
                      Tel: + 242 06 520 65 65 (WhatsApp)

                      Kadijah Diallo

                      Country communications officer

                      Sakuya OKA

                      Communications Manager
                      WHO Regional Office for Africa
                      Cell: +242 06 508 1009



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                        Guinea reports 7 Ebola cases, including three deaths in new outbreak

                        Febr 14, 2021

                        Guinean health minister confirmed Sunday seven Ebola cases, including three deaths in a new outbreak of Ebola, in the N’Zerekore administrative region in southeastern Guinea.

                        All of the seven reported cases, four men and three women, have been isolated.

                        The Guinean Minister of Health Remy Lamah confirmed at the end of an emergency meeting with the presence of several officials of the National Health Security Agency (ANSS), the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Guinea and other foreign technical partners.

                        Giving the history of the recent appearance of the disease in Guinea, General Director of the ANSS, Sakoba Keita, recalled that it was started by a nurse from N’Zerekore, who fell ill with symptoms of Ebola and died on February 1. A few days after the burial of the patient in Gbeke, some parents started to show symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and high fever.

                        Thus, samples taken from the patients were firstly analyzed at the local diagnostic center, which confirmed cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. After double confirmation of medical analyses in Conakry, “we can say that this reality puts Guinea in a situation of an Ebola epidemic”, said Keita.

                        In the coming hours, the Guinean government will make an official declaration of an Ebola epidemic, and the N’Zerekore treatment centers will be reactivated in order to receive any confirmed cases.

                        READ MORE
                        Guinean health minister confirmed Sunday seven Ebola cases, including three deaths in a new outbreak
                        ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
                        Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                          “(…). We have the news that the first case is not the nurse: she wanted to come to the aid of someone that we are trying to identify and know the future of this someone ”, he said. he announces.



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                            Ebola: the toll is growing, Kassory Fofana speaks ...
                            NZEREKORE-The toll of the Ebola virus disease declared in Guinea this weekend, is increasing. A fourth death was recorded on the evening of Sunday, February 14, 2021, at the N'z?r?kor? epidemiological treatment center, learned.
                            According to the prefectural director of health of Nz?r?kor?, it is an old woman who was among the 4 people hospitalized at the Ctepi of the eponymous city. So far, of the seven officially recorded cases, four have died of Ebola .
                            While concern grows among the populations, the Prime Minister tries to reassure in the face of the resurgence of this epidemic in Guinea.

                            The first cases of Ebola were reported in the rural commune of Gouek?, in the prefecture of N'Z?r?kor?. A mixed team of investigators made up of agents from the WHO, the CDC and the ANSS was expected, this Monday, February 15, in the affected area which, “in addition to surveillance, will help accelerate the prevention of infections and control of health facilities and other key locations, and to communicate with communities to ensure they play a key role in the response ”.
                            WHO is also helping Guinea to obtain the Ebola vaccine which has proved useful in controlling epidemics in DR Congo.
                            Abdoul Malick Diallo





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                              Ebola in Forest Guinea: "patient zero" vomited ... "blood"
                              CONAKRY-How did Ebola get back to Guinea? While the health authorities announce extensive investigations to know the origin of the resurgence of this highly contagious and fatal viral disease, a "certainty" remains.
                              For now, all agree on the thesis according to which it all started with a nurse who fell ill who finally succumbed to it. In the sub-prefecture of Goueck? where she was in service, several other people fell ill. It is in the prefecture of Nz?r?kor?, capital of Forest Guinea from where the Ebola epidemic started, which five years ago killed more than 10,000 people in West Africa.
                              “There is a very well-known nurse woman in the Gou?ck? sub-prefecture. She got sick, she was vomiting blood. She was transported to Nz?r?kor?, where she died. Afterwards, there were two other people who got sick. They were sent to the Nz?r?kor? CTE, they are also dead. Three other patients from the same family are under treatment. We took the sample that we sent to Gu?ck?dou where there is a very efficient laboratory in the region and also to Nongo in Conakry. It has been established from both tests that it is Ebola fever.

                              We met with health workers and development partners to quickly bring the disease under control so that it does not leave the Gou?ck? sub-prefecture. Because each of us knows the devastation that this epidemic caused in 2014. Everywhere these patients have gone are contacts. So, it is a question of putting them somewhere during the 14 days to see if they do not show the symptoms of the disease, confided Saa Yola Tolno, prefect of Nz?r?kor?.
                              He encouraged the populations to respect the barrier measures, currently trampled on the ground in the city. “ I ask everyone to respect the preventive measures. I have noticed that citizens have abandoned these measures while the two epidemics (Ebola, Coronavirus) have almost the same mode of transmission. So you have to avoid shaking your hands and continue to wash your hands with soap and gel, ”he advises.
                              To be continued…