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The Guinean authorities launched an alert following the escape of a woman suffering from Ebola

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  • The Guinean authorities launched an alert following the escape of a woman suffering from Ebola

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    The Guinean authorities launched the alert following the escape of a sick woman Ebola

    APA-Conakry (Guinea)

    Guinean Prime Minister Mohamed Said Fofana, called the people of Forecariah, not far from Sierra Leone to cooperate in the search for a patient suffering from Ebola outbreak, which would be in this prefecture , after fleeing Conakry treatment center,

    During a visit last weekend in the prefecture of Forecariah, Guinea's Prime Minister said on this occasion that '' the Ebola virus remains "a national concern, and that we should not give up in the committed response against the disease. ''

    He justified his presence in the border prefecture Sierra Leone by the fact that he is a native of the area, but and above all he had come to Forécariah for "support
    efforts of all those who are deployed in the field as part of this struggle. "

    Mohamed Said Fofana challenged the authorities of the prefecture to make every effort to find as soon as possible the patient with Ebola virus, which according to him could only be found in this area, where she originated.

    Apart from the Guinean capital, Conakry, Forecariah remains the only prefecture plagued with Ebola virus to date.

    It is in this locality that a baby born of healthy parents tested positive for the epidemic.

    The latest statistics show that 4 patients and confirmed three suspected cases in the country.

    The Ebola virus has begun to spread to Guinea in March 2014. The disease had caused more than 3,000 deaths in the country

    MDB / of / APA 2015-11-02 7:05:24 p.m. -
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