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Cameroon: Clandestine burials

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  • Cameroon: Clandestine burials


    Source: Le Jour Monday 04 May 2020 08:57:00 726 0 Reaction

    CAMEROON :: The prefect prohibits the entry of corpses into Menoua. :: CAMEROON

    The measure follows the increase in concealment maneuvers of corpses from the Covid-19.

    Since Thursday, April 30, 2020, the corpses of people who have died outside the Menoua department cannot be buried there, regardless of the origin of their deaths. So decided Mboke Godlive Ntua, the prefect, in a decree which provoked controversial comments in the streets of Dschang, Fokou?, Fongo Tongo, Penka Michel, Nkong Ni and Santchou.

    "Is to count from the date of signature of this decree prohibits the entry of any body consecutive to Covid-19 or not in the department of Menoua", decides the head of land, looking he said of the capacity of some of its populations to circumvent government directives, in particular the fact that despite the measure prohibiting the assembly of more than 50 people, burials continue to attract crowds in the department and that bodies enter every day, without the necessary permits.

    "Wherever such delegations are arrested, they will be immediately expelled from the department, without prejudice to other penalties provided for by the regulations in force," instructed the prefect. Who proposes that "the populations of Menoua having lost a family member are called to bury them at the place of death and later, they could benefit from the authorization of exhumation in order to give to said family members all the traditional honors desired and deserved in Menoua ".

    In all cases, they have no choice because "Any person who contravenes the provisions of this order will be considered to have deliberately put themselves in a position to facilitate the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and thus be liable to sanctions provided for by the laws and regulations in force ”.


    A bitter pill for the people, in a region where apart from Catholic parishes, there is no cemetery. The dead are buried in ancestral concessions. And despite prefectural and traditional chief bans, burials of suspected coronavirus patients continue to take place there, with crowds and popular snacks. Indeed, the measure comes the day after a warning from the governor of the Western region, against clandestine burials.

    “The governor reminds the populations that the authorizations for the transfer of bodies are issued by the regional governors and the prefects, on the basis of the gender certificate, in application of the texts in force. He warns people who infiltrate bodies overnight into his command unit at the expense of people's health.

    It recommends the vigilance of the competent authorities and prescribes the strict controls of the hearses and other means of transport which suitable these bodies without authorization ”, warned Awa Fonka Augustine. Then came the Santchou cliff incident. Having left Douala with a female corpse wrapped in a mattress, it was a car breakdown that forced those affected to want to transfer the body to another vehicle. Lack of pot, they will be denounced by a passerby.

    Faced with the family's denials, the requested medical expert will affirm that all the symptoms mentioned in the deceased's file are those of Covid-19. Thirty people were traveling with the body they had been around for several days. The prefect had ordered the confiscation of the body and its immediate burial. But the menoua nationals, according to him, multiply other parades to deceive the vigilance of the authorities.
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