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Burundi - President, 55, died of heart attack - wife reportedly recovering in hospital - June 9, 2020

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  • Burundi - President, 55, died of heart attack - wife reportedly recovering in hospital - June 9, 2020

    I am posting this here temporarily because of the President's age and the fact that his wife is "recovering" from something. COVID-19 is known to cause heart problems.

    Outgoing Burundi President Nkurunzinza dies of heart attack

    By STANDARD REPORTER | June 9th 2020

    Outgoing Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza has died of a heart attack, the government has announced.

    Reports in Burundi on Monday indicated that Nkurunziza, 55, was hospitalised after falling sick.

    First lady Denise Nkurunziza is reportedly recovering at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya from Covid-19.

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    Burundi: Nkurunziza (rather) carried away by Covid-19
    By Sylvio Combey -

    The official version that accompanied the death of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza is that the man left after a cardiac arrest. But basically, the strongman of Burundi is rather carried away by the Covid-19.

    Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi bowed out at the age of 55. According to the official version communicated on Twitter by the government, the strong man went to the hospital of the Cinquantenaire "following a cardiac arrest this June 8, 2020".

    This version left astounded observers who speak of “covering” the real cause.

    Won by Covid-19

    Pierre Nkurunziza, an evangelical Christian and his wife Dénise, also a pastor have always had to minimize if not, reject the presence of the pandemic in the country. Despite reminders from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the risks, Burundi preferred to drive out WHO experts from the country. A note dated May 12, 2020 signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs said the WHO representative in Burundi was declared persona non grata.

    The Burundian government, which considers that the country is protected from Covid-19 by “Divine Grace”, has decided to close its borders, but has taken no measures of containment, unlike most other countries of the region.

    The majority of Covid-19 patients are carried away following cardiac arrest. This is one of the reasons why hospitals are forced to use respirators.

    Also, Dénise Nkurunziza, the wife of the late president is also on Covid-19 treatment in the famous Aga Khan hospital in Kenya. RFi wrote that the First Lady was "transported in an isolation cell, accompanied by doctors and bodyguards. It would have arrived in the middle of the night, when the Bujumbura and Nairobi airports had turned off their lights and kept the personnel away. "

    Several sources joined by Africa meeting in Bujumbura confirm but prefer to remain anonymous. In Burundi, freedom of expression is muzzled.

    Since his exile, for having opposed the 3rd mandate of Nkurunziza, the president of the Forum for conscience and development (Focode), Pacifique Nininahazwe, refutes the official version and speaks of "denial" of reality
    In Bujumbura, other sources close to the government refute the thesis of Covid-19 as the main reason for the death of the now ex-strong man of Burundi. They indicate that the president pastor himself presided over recent evangelistic crusades and attended the weekend before his death, a football match on the field. However, Africa Rendez-Vous failed to come into possession of these images. The same sources indicate that the First Lady also returned from Kenya on June 9, putting forward as evidence a sound element in Kirundi in which she thanked the people for having prayed for her health.

    In Burundi, at least 83 cases of Covid-19 are reported on June 9, 2020. But doctors believe that the figure does not reflect reality.