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Burundi: Covid-19 cases - 469 cases; 1 death

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  • Burundi: Covid-19 cases - 469 cases; 1 death


    Covid-19: a driver who stayed in Burundi tested positive in Tanzania
    Posted 5 hours ago
    March 26, 2020
    By KivuPress with KivuPress Magazine

    According to the Tanzanian Minister of Health, a truck driver diagnosed with coronavirus in Tanzania entered the country through the Kabanga border post from Burundi.

    According to the information collected, this driver spent several days in Uvira and was in contact with several people including commercial operators, migration agents in the DRC, Burundi and Tanzania, as well as with Burundians met during his transit in Burundi….

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    First 2 cases reported:
    ...They are two men, both of Burundian nationality, aged 56 and 42, respectively from Rwanda and Dubai. The tests were carried out at the National Reference Laboratory of the INSP...


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      Burundi / Covid-19: "The state of health of the two patients tested positive is progressing positively"
      04/02/2020 Abbas Mbazumutima Comments Off

      In a press release released on March 1, 2020, the day after the announcement of 2 cases tested positive for Coronavirus, the Ministry of Public Health wishes to reassure the population about these 2 men, one from Dubai and the other from Rwanda.

      "The state of health of these 2 patients tested positive for Coronavirus on March 31 and who are hospitalized at the Treatment Center of the Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic is progressing favorably".

      The Ministry of Public Health reassures the users of this hospital and asks them to attend this structure without fear of being contaminated. "All measures have been taken to separate the Covid-19 treatment center from the rest of the other care services at this hospital," reassures the ministry.

      According to this press release, the work of identifying and quarantining the contact cases of the two patients tested positive for taking samples is proceeding normally.

      The Ministry of Health is asking anyone who has been in contact with a case that has tested positive for Coronavirus and has no symptoms of Covid-19 to do self-quarantine at home. It is in case of symptoms, that you should consult a nearest health facility or call the toll-free number 117.

      The Ministry of Health reassures: "Any patient who tests positive does not mean that he is condemned to death. The people are asked to remain calm, to go about their daily activities quietly and to scrupulously respect individual and collective prevention measures ”.

      This ministry calls on the population to "not rely on rumors and especially to refrain from relaying them via social networks or other communication media".

      In this press release, the Ministry of Health expresses its thanks and encouragement to the health personnel who are on the front line day and night to fight against the Coronavirus. They are not the only ones, there are also border police and civil protection officers.

      "They must be sensitized and protected to accomplish their missions and they are called to respect and ensure respect for the prevention measures against the Coronavirus", launched this Wednesday April 2020 in Gitega, the Police Commissioner, Antoine Ntemako, director general of the Civil protection.


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        ...In Summary
        • Despite having recorded the three cases in less than three days, Burundi’s Health minister called on the public to remain calm as the situation was under control.
        • Burundi is yet to take drastic measures of lockdown, prohibiting social, official or public gatherings, but the government has encouraged citizens to wash their hands and provided a hotline for reporting those who could have been infected...


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          Burundi to continue playing league football
          Reuters•April 5, 2020

          BUJUMBURA (Reuters) - Burundi is to continue playing league football despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, its football federation decided on Sunday after a meeting of its clubs.

          The east African country is one of only four where formal league football continues after a worldwide shutdown of sport in the face of the health crisis...

          ...There have been three confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections in Burundi, which along with Belarus, Nicaragua and Tadjikistan continues to sanction league football...


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            Humanitarian organisations have been blocked from providing assistance to hundreds of people kept at “unsanitary” coronavirus quarantine sites in Burundi, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.

            The sites were set up for Burundians and foreign travellers arriving in the country by air and land but are “overcrowded” and lack adequate supplies of food, water, and hygiene facilities, the rights groups said.

            “The Burundian government needs to protect people’s health and welfare, and any interventions should be in line with international human rights standards,” said Lewis Mudge, Central Africa director at HRW.

            The small East African country reported its first two cases of COVID-19 – both Burundian men who had recently returned from abroad – this week.

            The president’s spokesperson, Jean-Claude Karerwa, had earlier described Burundi as an “exception among other nations” and “protected” by God when asked about the virus.
            “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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              Burundi releases thousands from quarantine
              Source: BBC
              9 April 2020 2:52pm

              Burundi has released 2,261 people who were quarantined in facilities around the country for observation.

              Health Minister Thaddée Ndikumana said those released had shown no known symptoms of Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus.

              It is unclear if they were tested for the disease...

              ...Burundi has so far confirmed three cases of coronavirus, the second least in East Africa after South Sudan which has reported two cases...


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                Statement from the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi: transparency, compliance with human rights international standards and humanitarian assistance are essential in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic:

                Burundi shrugs off pandemic, citing 'God's protection:

                Ahead of contentious elections, Burundi faces its first COVID-19 cases:


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                  Coronavirus - Burundi: Press release from the Ministry of Public Health and the fight against AIDS on the follow-up of prevention and response actions against COVID-19

                  - April 11, 2020
                  Burundi Ministry of Public Health (MSPLS)
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                  This Friday, April 10, 2020, the Rapid Intervention Team of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS took samples from 26 contact persons of the 3 patients tested positive for COVID-19 in Burundi and from another contact case who is hospitalized at Kira Hospital. A total of 27 people were removed.

                  Among these people, Two (2) tested positive for COVID-19.

                  The first positive case is a contact person from one of the 3 cases confirmed with COVID-19. She is a Burundian woman, 48 years old, residing in Bujumbura City Hall.
                  The second positive case is a 41-year-old Burundian, resident in Bujumbura City Council who was referred to Kira Hospital for better management of dyspyneal pneumonia by a private health facility in Bujumbura.

                  To date, therefore, the total number of positive cases recorded in Burundi is five (5).

                  With the exception of the case which is taken care of in the intensive care unit at Kira Hospital, the state of health of the 4 other positive cases with COVID-19 who are under medical supervision is good and we hope that they will soon join their respective families.

                  In addition, we would like to point out that their family members are negative for COVID-19 but that the Department continues to regularly monitor these latter.

                  The Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS informs the public that the search, identification and monitoring of contact persons is continuing.

                  The Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS reiterates its call to the populations to remain serene, to go about their daily activities quietly while scrupulously respecting the individual and collective preventive measures against COVID-19.
                  Distributed by APO Group for Ministry of Public Health Burundi (MSPLS).


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                    Burundi registers first death from COVID-19

                    Before the confirmation of this case, the patient was treated in a hospital center located in a popular area of Bujumbura according to relatives. He was transferred to Kira Hospital on Saturday April 11, 2020 after showing severe symptoms of Covid-19 and respiratory distress.

                    This East African country, which now has one death and 4 active cases of this disease, has put in place measures to contain the possible spread of COVID-19, which includes the suspension of transport flights from national and international passengers.


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                      Burundi / Covid-19: A new case tested positive and the 4 former patients tested negative
                      04/17/2020 Abbas Mbazumutima

                      "For the 4 former patients under medical supervision, the results of the control tests returned negative to the Covid-19", announced the Ministry of Health in a press release released on Friday April 17.

                      It was after the control samples taken by the rapid intervention team of this ministry on 80 people. Among them, the 4 patients tested positive for vovid-19, and 1 suspected case on alert from the Kinindo Medical and Surgical Center and 75 contact persons.

                      According to this press release, "the result of the suspected case returned negative to Covid-19". On the other hand "among the 75 contact persons, 1 case returned positive to Covid-19, it is a case of contact of the person who died following complications related to associated pathologies".

                      "The search and identification of all those who have been in contact with the new positive case for Civid-19 is underway," reassured the Ministry of Public Health in this note.

                      In its press release, the ministry invites the population to remain calm, to go about their daily activities quietly while scrupulously respecting the individual and collective preventive measures against the Covid-19.


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                        Covid-19: Burundi reports five new cases
                        Tuesday April 21 2020
                        By MOSES HAVYARIMANA
                        More by this Author

                        Burundi has confirmed five new coronavirus cases, raising the country's total number of infections on Tuesday to 11, the health ministry said...


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                          Who count of confirmed cases remains at 11.
                          “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                            According to the press release from the Ministry of Health released this Saturday, April 25, 2020, there are 3 new positive test cases, they are all contact persons for the last case reported on Friday, an intern from the surgery department at the Prince Clinic. Louis Rwagasore. He is currently under medical supervision at the Covid-19 Treatment Center.


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                              Assessment of 15 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic in Burundi
                              April 27, 2020

                              Bujumbura, Burundi, April 27 (Infosplusgabon) - Burundi has registered three new infections with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing to 15 the number of people infected since the first cases of the pandemic appeared at the end of March, have we learned, Sunday, of a press release from the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against HIV / AIDS.

                              The first officially reported cases had been detected in two Burundians returning from trips abroad and one Burundian woman who had been in contact with one of the patients.

                              The country has so far recorded only one case of death related to "associated conditions" and four recoveries of COVID-19, among the good news.

                              The new press release specifies that the recent contaminations result from virological examinations on 54 contact persons of the last case declared positive. He was a trainee doctor in the surgery department of the pandemic treatment center at the Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic in Bujumbura, the economic capital of Burundi ...