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Cuban doctors in Angola cost 71 million euros

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  • Cuban doctors in Angola cost 71 million euros


    Cuban doctors in Angola cost 71 million euros
    De Lusa • Latest news: 01/06/2020 - 21:13

    The costs for hiring Cuban medical specialists for medical assistance in Angola amount to 71.3 million euros, according to a presidential order authorizing the expenditure to be carried out.

    The hiring of Cuban specialists aims to ensure medical assistance to the populations and to train national professionals, but the diploma does not refer to the fight against covid-19.

    In a presidential order of 29 May, João Lourenço delegated to the Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta, the competence to practice all decision-making acts and tutelary approval, including the approval of the parts of the procedure until the conclusion of the contract.

    The resources necessary for the implementation of the contract must be provided by the Minister of Finance.

    Last April, the Minister of Health announced the arrival of 244 Cuban doctors in the country, to help fight the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, which is being distributed throughout the country.

    The hiring of Cuban doctors for Angola has raised controversy among the local medical class, led mainly by the National Union of Doctors of Angola (Sinmea), which has already expressed its discontent with the issue.

    In a statement, Sinmea considered the Angolan medical profession to be devalued compared to the salary of 5,000 dollars (4,563 euros) attributed to its Cuban colleagues, according to information provided by the Minister of Health, at a press conference.

    Angola currently has 86 diagnosed cases of covid-19, of which four resulted in deaths, and has had no new cases in the past 24 hours...